Happy Spring to all of you living on this side of the equator. I am all onboard for the sunnier mornings that light up our bedroom, and the fact that its light out when i get off work in the evening. I have been going on walking mixed with some jogging these couple days. It feels so good to be outside. And i saw a tree in full bloom today. I am happier, my mood is cheerful. I am already making plans to go the Quad in UW, and revisit the places on my first Spring in Seattle post. Ah, i am loving all of it.
Photo by Brittany Wood from WhoWhatWear



When we were in India for 5 weeks in the end of 2016, our days were fully spent visiting relatives, and friends. Although all the homemade exotic indian food were amazing, we were getting a bit exhausted by the 4th week. So when we had couple of days to spare, we decided to go to a hill-station nearby.



Happy Pongal to everyone celebrating this Uzhavar thirunaal. Just like Diwali, Pongal festivities also creeped up on me out of nowhere. But we celebrated it all the same, in our own usual style of dressing up and cooking good food sort of way. Hope you all had a fun time with your loved ones as well. T made ven pongal this morning for breakfast, which is his specialty. And i made millet sweet pongal, which turned out good too. I got the millets from India last month, so i am happy to be already making use of it.

I wore a simple cotton kurta i bought on my India visit. Its from Westside in Chennai. I love the color combination, and the subtle gold details on it, takes this kurta from casual to festive. 



Happy Thanksgiving! We don't celebrate thanksgiving, but i just love how on this day everyone comes together as a family, and the day is filled with gratitude. On such a day, its hard not to join in and be thankful.

This year i am thankful for a lot of things, some of them are (in no particular order)



Happy Diwali! Hope all Indian readers had a wonderful Diwali this weekend. Sweets are big during this festive season, and I made Gulab Jamuns to celebrate. They turned out great. I decorated our house with string lights and we invited few friends over for dinner, and ended up having a poker cards party after the dinner. All in all we had an amazing time with good food and better company. 

This year, Diwali was not even on my radar until two days before the festivities. I know, what i was thinking? So there was a lot of last minute planning, but it all came together so well, i couldn't be happier. I knew i was not going to buy anything new for Diwali. I haven't bought a new outfit for Diwali for three years now. Traditional wear shopping took a back seat after moving to Seattle, and i see no point in spending money buying something grand that i wouldn't get to wear frequently. So i have made peace with it, and have been finding different ways to repurpose the items i already have in my closet. You can see what i wore for Diwali back in 2014 here.