Calvin Klein Trench(similar), Loft Jumper(similar),Teva Waterproof boots, Forever 21 Scarf(similar) and Hat(similar), Fleece lined Leggings(similar),Rayban Sunglasses
Fall is full on here in the Pacific north west. But before the temperature dropped further down we decided to accompany our friends on a weekend getaway to Friday Harbor last weekend. It's a cute little town in San Juan Island with lots to do and is famous for whale watching. This was my first time here and i had a great time. From Seattle, we drive to Anacortes ferry terminal, and from there we take an hour long ferry to Friday Harbor. The weather on the island was colder than out here on the mainland. So I decided to dress in layers to handle both chilly morning/evenings and warmer afternoons. 



One thing i was very excited about after moving to Seattle/America was Boots. Its true, because i had never worn boots till then in all of my life. So i was excited to create my winter wardrobe. As much as i dread the cold weather, i will endure it for cute boots. Now one might think that i would have bought a load of them in these 3 years. But you will be surprised to know that i have only two. In those two, one was a gift (bought using a gift card), so i actually spent money to buy only one boots in these 3 winters. And i call myself a style blogger, ha! Anyways, i think that i deserve one more boots for this upcoming winter, so my search begins.



Few weeks ago, T & I took an impromptu day trip to Port Angeles. After a 2 hours drive listening to old Tamil songs, we ended up in this cute little town filled with giant wall murals everywhere. It was love at first sight. I love small towns, their quaint little cafes, boutique shops, cozy restaurants, and friendly people.



When i heard that Indus creations are back this year, i booked tickets for their play this past Friday. This is our second time going to theatre to watch a play. We got hooked the first time, you can read more about it here(by the same team , called Chidambara Ragasiyam). So naturally we weren't second guessing ourselves this time. The play was in Tamil(my native language) and i was looking forward to it.

Play was conceived and executed by Indus Creations. Its a team of volunteers in Seattle who in addition to their full time day jobs, run this show every year out of sheer passion for theatre, art and music. And i have to talk about their goodwill. All the proceeds from the show are donated to a charity of their choice every year. This year they chose ASHA for education, and we couldn't be more proud to have made a contribution.



Few weeks ago (although not totally surprising), Seattle got chilly. Not cold enough to go for a jacket, but chilly enough to wear an additional layer. And this plaid shirt came to my rescue. I wore the same shirt on both days of the weekend, but styled differently. On saturday, i styled the shirt with a simple all black maxi dress($9 find at Marshalls). And on sunday, i wore it under a sleeveless knit sweater and white jeans. This is the first plaid shirt i bought about 5 years ago when i was living in Chennai. Its been my favorite ever since. So it makes me happy that i still find new ways to incorporate this personal favorite into my everyday looks from time to time.
Levi's shirt (similar, more
Dress(similar) & Bag - Marshalls 
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