We are back from the vegas-cation and i am browsing through the pictures repeatedly trying to relive the days as many times as i can. Vegas is truly fabulous!

Coming to today's post, its recipe time people! I love spicy food. This green mushroom recipe is the spiciest i have had & i make this often. Its actually one of the few recipes Tee taught me. Its made in his family with chicken and is one of his favorites. I switch chicken for mushrooms, as i love the veggie option more. I like to make recipes which has simple or few ingredients, and thats the best part about this one, it has just 4!

Green Mushroom (Serves 2-3)

Mushrooms - 2 lbs (I used Baby Bella Mushrooms)
Jalapeños - 4 (The ones i used were very hot so limited it to 4. You could use more or less based on the ones u have)
Soy Sauce - 1/3 cup
Cooking Oil - 3 tablespoon

Cut the jalapeños into thin slices and chop the mushrooms to your desired size, i like them smaller.

Pour oil in a frying pan on medium high, and once its hot add the jalapeño slices. Use mitts for protection, as the oil might splatter. Keep flipping the slices so that they get evenly coated with oil. Sauté until they are done or turn golden brown around the edges (takes about 8-10 mins).

Now add the chopped mushrooms, then the soy sauce. Mix them well. Mushrooms release water while they cook, so no need to add any extra water to cook the mushrooms, just ensure that they don't stick to the pan by stirring them. Drizzle some water if its too dry/sticky. Close the lid and cook until the mushrooms are done. Remember to check and stir in between. Takes about 15-20 mins. You might wanna let it sit longer if you want the mushrooms to soak in the flavor.

Green mushroom is now ready, best served hot with roti, rice, or as a tortilla stuffing.

Do you love spicy food? Are you looking for some simple recipes with minimum ingredients? Then this is the recipe for you. Try it, you will love it! xo, Hems



Today is a big day for me & Tee, its out first wedding anniversary and we are dancing it out in Vegas! 
And its time for an outfit post here in AGT. I was dressing up for a friend's b'day party last friday, i wanted something edgy but at the same time casual and relaxed as i know we will be hanging out late into the night (we got back at 3!). Print on print is the new fad in fashion, and i decided to give it a try. Leggings are perfect for this warm-yet-still-cold weather and printed ones are my new favorites, so i paired one with a geometric printed black tunic. With ankle boots, this look is just perfect.

Top- Mango (Gifted,similar), Boots - DSW(similar), Watch - Gifted(similar), Sunglass - Fastrack(India)(similar), Rings - F21
And look who decided to pay a little visit.. yup, deer. Spotting them is very common here in Washington but i get excited every time i see them and had to show it to you guys.

Do you like the print on print trend? How do you pull of multiple prints in one outfit? xo, Hems



Did u guys watch the mentalist season finale this Sunday? *spoiler alert* How adorable was Jane in that plane, and how beautiful was Lisbon in that evening dress, they make an adorable couple, best season finale ever!!! Coming to reality, I spent the saturday evening strolling around the street fair that was held in University District this weekend (udistrictstreetfair.org). Street fairs are a fun way to spend an afternoon together. Stalls are put up by local vendors selling jewelry, clothes, paintings, etc. I must say that they are all very creative and talented, each booth is so unique. And there are also the yummy food trucks of all kinds. We invited few of our friends and had loads of fun exploring.

See how each of them are one of a kind.
These earrings are made of recycled electronic components, can u spot the resistors, chips, etc..?
Some colorful clothes in breathable fabrics.
Made of woven chains, cute designs.
Love all the colors in this..I wanted to grab those letters, give a spray paint makeover,  & create some fun projects for our home.
This is the one i loved the most! How cool are these?
Some unique designs on iphone cases and flasks. Makes a great gift for girlfriends(case) and boyfriends(flasks)

Food trucks..We bought an elephant ear, yummy! Great taste and made of whole wheat & honey, win - win!
That's the Univ. of WA main office building, go huskies!!!

Do you go to street fairs? Do you love discovering unique items at the fair? How was your weekend?



Thank God It's Friday! Oh yeah, I like to use proper words now and then. We have our weekend pretty much occupied with a b'day party and a baby shower. As i will be dressing up this weekend, its only fair to do an outfit post. And here it is.

T-shirt -  Ann Taylor(similar), Pants (Martin fit) - Banana Republic(similar), Watch - Gifted(similar), Shoes - DSW(similar), Bag - Baggit(India)(similar), Necklace & Rings - F21

I love these pants from BR i bought last fall. They are perfect for this season, and are very comfortable. I wear jeans mostly, but i am loving bold colors and printed pants for the past year. I feel more confident about myself when i pull off something i am not familiar with, its like i am a new person altogether. Do you go out of your comfort zone often?  And do you think its refreshing when you do?

Happy Weekend! xo, Hems.



When I think of summer, I think of all the outdoor fun, colorful clothes, and the ice cold fresh juices my mom and aunts make. Melons play a great part in those chilly drinks. I love watermelon and muskmelon, they are ideal fruits for summer. Watermelons have 91% water in them. And this summer(its not here yet officially), i am often making watermelon juice for me and Tee, he loves them in liquid forms only, weirdo.

I thought i will share a simple watermelon juice recipe with you guys today.

Fresh Watermelon Juice (serves 2)

Watermelon - 1/2 of a whole watermelon
Freshly squeezed lime juice - 1 tablespoon
Agave Nectar/Honey - 2 tablespoon

I love spicing up a simple recipe with some cute decorating or garnishing.

For decorating the glass you will need

Honey - 1 teaspoon
Sugar - 2 tablespoon

Coat the rim of the glass with honey using the back of a spoon. Make sure you coat the rim evenly without missing a spot. Spread the sugar on a small plate. Just place and press the rim on the sugar spread so that the sugar gets attached to the honey coated rim. Press it several times till you get a full coat of sugar on the rim. Your glass is now ready. You can totally skip this step if u are a zero-sugar-in-your-drink kinda person.


Cut the melon into 2 inch cubes after removing the seeds. I don't remove seeds because i believe they are healthy too. But if you are doubtful that they might spoil the taste, then do remove them. Blend the juice well in a blender and pour them in ice filled glass. If you don't like the pulp, you can strain them using a colander/muslin cloth and use only the juice, when it comes to fruit juices I drink them as whole as possible. Add the agave nectar (or honey), lime juice and mix well. Use watermelon or lime wedges to garnish and serve.

Make watermelon your best friend this summer. Hope you try out the recipe and let me know how you like it. xo, Hems



I am not an active person. My family knows that, my friends know it. But fortunately or unfortunately the man('Tee' from here on, nickname given by one of my girlfriends) i married is not ready to accept it, yet. It all started as an answer to a simple question "so what shall we do this evening ?" on a laid-back-sunday at home. Well, the answer could have been the usual lets watch a movie, or lets go out for dinner, but no, it was "Lets go play tennis!"(welcome to my world). Initially, it was only on one of the days on weekends when friends came over, then it slowly moved to weekday evenings as well. But now, when the sun shines in Seattle, you guys can find us in the tennis court. I am not kidding, this saturday we played for more than 3 hours. Its like our second home now! But to tell you the truth, i kinda like it. Its a fun workout, plus I am learning something entirely new(that kinda gets you excited, isn't it?), and suddenly you are this sports person watching Federer's forehand analysis videos in youtube.

There was just one problem. It was not how to hold the racket, or serve the ball. It was "What do i wear?" And thus, this post was born. I couldn't find a better place than the tennis court itself as the backdrop for this post.

Sunglass - Fastrack (similar), T-shirt - Reebok (similar),  Wristband - Sturtevant's (Seattle),  Racket - Borrowed from Tee, Shoes - Skechers (Singapore) (similar)

I am practicing on the board in the above shots. Thats how one learns, so i am told. Tee always says that one should be completely free to move while playing tennis, so i opted for this OTK skirt & t-shirt. We are yet to buy proper tennis shoes for me, I love my Skechers, but its not good for tennis, I don't wanna put those through the ordeal. On the lookout, might buy one very soon, then lets have a whole post just on my new shoes ;).

What do you think of this sports/activity edition in AGT? What's your go-to sports gonna be this summer?.  xo, Hems



I love wearing plain whites, and solid blacks are my go-to but i feel its the prints and patterns that brings personality to any outfit. You might be a plaid person, i know i am, a tartan, or a gingham, who wouldn't love a cute gingham shirt this summer or there is the everyone's favorite chevron, have you seen my new chevron maxi dress yet, yes i am a sucker too. But putting aside the usuals, there are some prints which pop up in the fashion world now and then that make us fall in love with prints and color all over again.

Flamingoes, i am sure every one knows about the birds, i have seen a whole beautiful bunch in a birds park once, but here i am talking about the cutest print of the season. When i saw this Zara bag in their website recently although in the teens section, my heart started fluttering around it like a flock of birds, don't tell me yours didn't. When i started looking for other flamingo prints online, i was sure that this is one such print that makes everything look more cute.

Satchel - ZARA, Skirt - Nordstrom, Shorts - Shopbop

The midi skirt would be perfect for shopping or simply strolling around the city with friends this summer and those shorts, cutest ever! Did you notice that the legs of the flamingoes in the shorts are embellished?, so chic.

Minaudière - MyHabit, Socks - J.Crew, Pillow - Overstock

This minaudière, no doubt would turn heads in parties. I might have over used the word cute in this post, but they will never be enough to describe this socks. A pop of color and print in the subtlest way possible is what this throw pillow offers.

As i struggle to come out of my flamingoes-everywhere-dreams, you tell me which print or pattern are you going for this season? Do you own a flamingo print already?(envious tone). xo, Hems



Weather is getting better and better around here. I know we all are more than happy to transition although very slowly from wool coats and puffers to trench coats(life of a Seattleite) and cardigans. But sometimes the day is so good we could just break into our summer clothes already. I have been doing some online window shopping lately and i'm loving it, not because its one of my favorite hobbies but for the lovely colors i see on every page i surf. Pastels, corals, and ethereal whites and creams, ah its the best time of the year!
Maxi - Madewell, Bowler Hat - Topshop, Sunglass & Cross-body bag - MyHabit,  Sandals - SoleSociety
On one of these days i came across this chic yet casual shirt maxi, wait, is that even a thing?, okay it is now. Its the perfect outfit for a casual day of shopping or brunch with your girlfriends or picnic with your significant other. I always mix a bright color with neutrals for some fun look. And this cross-body bag and sunglasses give a nice pop of color amidst the cream and whites. I love how any outfit turns more chic by adding a hat, and the bowler hat just adds to the chicness of this dress. Sandals are my favorite part of the summer wardrobe and who wouldn't love this pretty suede t-strap.

But there was no such summer-y day for me, it was raining cats and dogs here all weekend and I wore a rain jacket with my outfit for doing some shopping and visiting friends.
           Necklace - F21,  Cross-body bag - Macy's,  Shoes - H&M,  Sunglass - Jabong (India),  Jacket - Woodlands (India), Top - Westside (India)
What's your favorite summer staple? Do you mix brights or go neutrals all the way? Did u have a summer-day this weekend?. xo, Hems