I am not an active person. My family knows that, my friends know it. But fortunately or unfortunately the man('Tee' from here on, nickname given by one of my girlfriends) i married is not ready to accept it, yet. It all started as an answer to a simple question "so what shall we do this evening ?" on a laid-back-sunday at home. Well, the answer could have been the usual lets watch a movie, or lets go out for dinner, but no, it was "Lets go play tennis!"(welcome to my world). Initially, it was only on one of the days on weekends when friends came over, then it slowly moved to weekday evenings as well. But now, when the sun shines in Seattle, you guys can find us in the tennis court. I am not kidding, this saturday we played for more than 3 hours. Its like our second home now! But to tell you the truth, i kinda like it. Its a fun workout, plus I am learning something entirely new(that kinda gets you excited, isn't it?), and suddenly you are this sports person watching Federer's forehand analysis videos in youtube.

There was just one problem. It was not how to hold the racket, or serve the ball. It was "What do i wear?" And thus, this post was born. I couldn't find a better place than the tennis court itself as the backdrop for this post.

Sunglass - Fastrack (similar), T-shirt - Reebok (similar),  Wristband - Sturtevant's (Seattle),  Racket - Borrowed from Tee, Shoes - Skechers (Singapore) (similar)

I am practicing on the board in the above shots. Thats how one learns, so i am told. Tee always says that one should be completely free to move while playing tennis, so i opted for this OTK skirt & t-shirt. We are yet to buy proper tennis shoes for me, I love my Skechers, but its not good for tennis, I don't wanna put those through the ordeal. On the lookout, might buy one very soon, then lets have a whole post just on my new shoes ;).

What do you think of this sports/activity edition in AGT? What's your go-to sports gonna be this summer?.  xo, Hems


  1. Nice outfit.

  2. hey Amazing....whr do you play..even I love tennis and I play regularly...in fact its like a family sports me me n my hubby...I love to dress up as well for the game :) all the best for it...

    1. Thanks much, Smita..! And I live in Seattle..play close by our house.. do you live here too? And yeah, its a fun way to spend time with our men :)


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