When our vegas trip was confirmed, Tee kept saying that Vegas is 24X7 active, amazing nightlife, and that I will be awestruck by all the casino themes and architecture. He has been there twice already. So naturally i had my imaginations built from his words and all the movies we watch. But once i was there, it was clear that nobody can ever imagine what they were gonna experience. Vegas is a different world, you have to see it for yourself.

In this trip, we slept very less, but boy did we have fun with that extra time. As I have mentioned earlier about how we planned our trip, now i am gonna share with you all how we enjoyed our trip. We landed in Vegas on a thursday night. We started roaming the strip soon after checking in. We went to Paris and The Cosmopolitan casinos. Each casino is true to its name, in terms of architecture, interiors, everything.
The next morning we ordered in breakfast and headed out to Bellagio.
After that, we went to Stratosphere casino to do the SkyJump, jumping from 855' above the ground. I was so excited to do it(u can tell from the pictures), and totally loved it.
After that exciting jump we were off to sight see the red rock canyon (25 miles from the vegas strip) and spring mountain ranch state park.
We got back, dressed up, and went clubbing that night at The Bank in Bellagio to celebrate our anniversary. It was total fun, there was quite a crowd, and we all danced non stop.
Next day we started to Grand canyon (that deserves a whole separate post, coming soon). We got back to Vegas the next day evening, checked in at Paris and went roaming around the strip till 2am that night. We watched the music fountain in front of the Bellagio and went to The Venetian, spent a lot of time there, and it has become my favorite. The buildings, the artwork, the gondola rides, everything was breathtaking, i couldn't believe that it wasn't the actual Venice.
Next day was our last day there and we decided not to rush things, and see whatever we could leisurely, and we covered a lot in a slow pace. Crepes(yum!!!) in the morning, visited Luxor (Egyptian themed casino), then Caesar Palace(u need a separate trip to see that one), some good lunch, played some roulette, did some shopping(no one can stop me!), took a gondola ride, back in Paris for some pizza & dessert and called it a night. We had an early morning flight the next day.
Vegas is a must visit just for the one of a kind experience if not for anything else. The welcome sign board couldn't have said it better. Vegas is truly fabulous. And we decided that we gotta visit again, this trip just wasn't enough.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. Please excuse if you face any delay in the loading of the pics. I had to include them all to do justice to the place. xo, Hems.


  1. wow..all the pics are so beautiful :)

  2. Oh wow! what an exciting and adventure packed holiday u had! SO amazing! Loved your pics to the core!

  3. wow! awesome clicks dear. seems like you guys had a great vacation :)

  4. wohh very nice clicks...

  5. Anonymous6/16/2014

    Just loving the name of your blog! :) How fun. Hope you had a lovely vacation. I adore your white, crochet-looking dress!!! Too cute.

    I hope you have a beautiful day!!!


    the bbb blogger


    1. Thank you, but my blog name can't compete with yours :)

      You have a great day too :)


  6. Lovely pictures! I especially liked the ones of all the gorgeous ceilings and Red Rock Canyon (since I guess I'm a bit of a nature buff or whatnot haha).

  7. Wow.. amazing pictures !!!!

  8. All pics are so cute :)

  9. Vegas is so much fun especially in the summer for a girls trip! Thanks for sharing..Take a Break Travel Las Vegas


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