Today i am back with my travel diaries. Remember when i told you guys in my vegas travel diary that our visit to the Grand Canyon deserves a separate post and here it is.

First off, we saw Hoover Dam which is on the way to the canyon.
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There are two popular spots when it comes to visiting the Grand Canyon, South Rim and West Rim. We went to both rims. First was west rim, to get to that, you drive about 2 hrs or even more (road work was going on, so the drive was pretty bad) from the highway to a pitstop where you buy tickets($70 each) to go see the rim in a bus (no cars allowed beyond that pitstop), this rim has a man made horseshoe shaped skywalk bridge. The view was good, but the skywalk bridge was not that fancy. You can very well skip this place when you plan, cause south rim has better view and lotsa viewpoints.
We got back and stayed at a motel in Seligman, a town on historic route 66. I have mentioned in detail about our stay in this trip earlier. Next morning, the motel staff/owner guided us to a Lilo's cafe close by for breakfast. We loved that place. Food was really good.
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Then we headed to South Rim, or the Grand Canyon National Park. South rim was magnificent. You get to go to the very edge of the rim (you should be very very careful though), take a peak down, see the colorado river making its way through the canyon, wonderful sight. I am always amazed by natural wonders and i feel so privileged to have seen this place. Simply standing there for a minute in all its vastness and serenity makes you feel so many things.
Talk about living on the edge ;)
On our way back we spent some time on the historic route 66. Route 66 is popularly known as the mother road or main street of America. It was one of the first highways built in the country, and towns like Seligman and its people are preserving it.
We didn't see it all, definitely not, and but we saw enough to make us wanting to see more. I bet everyone who's been there would think to themselves while leaving, "I am totally coming back here", i did. xo, Hems


  1. Wow this place is a must visit! I got scared ....u sitting at the end point! Gosh! :)
    Lovely pics!

  2. OMG! gorgeous photographs. u sitting at the edge point taking is breath taking :D

  3. what an awesome place! great pictures, too


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