I am back with the rest of the pictures from our road trip to Olympic national park. If you haven't already, go check out the first day pictures here, now onto day 2 & 3. Second day was spent relaxing on the beach(ruby beach), driving around the Hoh rain forest, spotting a big cedar tree, hiking around the hall of mosses trail in the rain forest, and eating some good food with a view of the ocean at the Kalaloch lodge.

On the third or the last day, we started our journey home with some stops along the way. Had our rather very late sunday brunch in Port Angeles, in a quaint little breakfast place called First Street Haven. The place was cozy, and food was tasty. I loved their scrambled eggs & hashbrowns as much as i would love a ghee dosa & chutney. Their raspberry scone was just perfect.
We went to see hurricane ridge after that. Saw lot of deer on the way up and at the top as well. The view was gorgeous. We could see lot of peak points from up there, Mt.Olympus was hiding behind the clouds though.
The purple haze lavender farm/garden was our last stop before heading home. It was beautiful. The place was charming, they sold all kinds of lavender products and ice creams. Never say no to an ice cream unless its chocolate (yeah, i am that kind) is my summer policy. I had a lavender peppermint ice cream, and we were on our way home with sweet taste still lingering in my tongue, and heart filled with thankfulness for nature and its wilderness.


Day 2
T-shirt - GAP
Sunglass - Urban Outfitters (On sale now for $5)
Shoes - Nike

Day 3
Shrug - Gifted (Similar)
Dress - Old Navy
Sandals - Target

The long weekend was well spent, being one with nature, soaking if only the feet in the pacific, listening to music and singing along with Tee as we drove around the olympic national park. What did you do on the july 4th weekend? Do you do national parks? Which one is your favorite? xo, Hems.


Thanks for writing in, i read and appreciate each and every comment.