I have been in Seattle for more than a year now and although i still have a lot to explore in this city, i guess its safe to say that i am a local now. Today's post is about one of the Seattle's famous tourist attractions. It's the Pike Place Market, one of the country's oldest farmers' markets.

Pike place market is the home for lot of small business owners, and local farmers who sell fresh fruits(i had the tastiest pear ever, and of course the rainier cherries), flowers, and some amazingly fresh seafood. There is the world famous fish market, where fishmongers sing and toss fishes back and forth(mimicked as flying fish), entertaining the crowd while doing business. Although market's usually crowded with tourists, lots of locals regularly visit the market to buy fresh seafood and fruits or veggies.

There are a lot of books written about the pike place market and especially this fish market. Check out the recipe book written by the world famous fish market guys, if you are fan of seafoods then this is a must, and a business advice book inspired by this energetic flying fish market, who knew right?

Apart from fresh fruits and flowers section, there are lot of craft shops selling handmade items by locals, and some unique one of kind stuffs, like old comic books, wooden & stone carvings etc. There are also shops underground, i noticed stores which sell city's old newspapers, old books, and old records too, some where just for $1 each. There are also artists who have studios in the underground shops selling their art work.

And you probably know this already, the world renowned coffee house Starbucks is based in Seattle, it was founded right here in the pike place market. There is an old Starbucks shop which is another major attraction here, there is always a huge line of customers/tourists waiting to get coffee in that particular shop, as its believed to be the first ever Starbucks.

Opposite to the market is the Seattle's waterfront area, it has a beautiful park, Seattle's great wheel, aquarium, lots of seafood restaurants, its a great place to relax and enjoy the view. Pike place market shows a different side of the city and its amazing to see both the high-rise buildings and public market co-existing so close to each other. So if you are planning to visit anytime, you know where to go first! Hope you enjoyed knowing about the public market of Seattle, i most certainly did. xo, Hems. 

P.S Yes, thats a jelly fish in the second last picture.


  1. You always take such vibrant pictures.
    I'm definitely a fan!

    1. Aww...thank you so much, Erin! :)


  2. very beautiful picturessss :)
    i only saw jelly fish in aquarium, lucky u saw it in real life :)
    xx nic

    1. thanks, Nicole..and guess i was lucky :)


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