Hola from Florida! I am in the sunshine state partly for my summer vacation and partly for a lot of things which i will tell you guys later. Though the vacation is going great for me, it didn't go good for AGT, as i was not posting for the past few days. I always post minimum two posts every week, but i missed one last week, which i feel very bad about, because consistency is the key when its comes to blogging. Sorry guys, i lost my macbook's charger on my flight, and there was no mac charger at my SIL's (Tee's sis) place where i am staying. All my pictures were in the mac, and i had the chance to buy a new one only yesterday, and finally ready to post today!
Black is an universally flattering color on, be it men or women. Children and babies are exception here, because i think there is no place for fashion or trend there, just innocence and cuteness(thats just me, go fashionable kids!). Though white is my most favorite when it comes to clothes, black is something i don't think twice before wearing, it makes me look bright instantly. So against all the beautiful summer colors, today's post i am going for a black outfit with a mix of gray and pops of color(it is summer after all!). Except the rings & the watch, everything in this outfit is from India, some bought few years ago. Earrings were a b'day gift for me from a good friend (hello, Jai!) when we were doing our bachelors degree in college.

Rings - F21
Watch(similar) & Earrings - Gifted
From India
Sandals(similar) - Metro
Top(similar) - Westside
Skirt(similar) - Kappa (Bought at a Bangalore mall)
Scarf(similar) - From Skywalk mall in Chennai

Pencil skirts are usually seen as a formal/work wear, but the cotton fabric and the alphanumeric prints give this one more of a casual(or nerdy?) vibe. Though it has no bright or summer colors, this skirt has become one of my go-to this summer. This scarf was my absolute favorite when i bought it few years ago, but forgot all about it in the past year. Now that i got hold of it, it feels brand new again, i am not letting go of this one anytime soon. Love the lip prints in all the bright colors on this scarf. I am a petite in height, naturally heels are godsend to me, and i bought these for two of my friends' weddings which were just a week apart(it was a fun week!). 

Don't we all just love when the things in our home hold a meaning or a story to tell, i feel the same way about my closet too, where some things if not all has a story to tell. What's your closet's story? xo, Hems


  1. Cute look! That skirt is too fun!


  2. Very nice outfit :) Love the shoes! Have fun in Florida.


  3. Love the way you dressed up your black and greys with pops of color. fun outfit, even if it isn't summer colors.

    xo erica

  4. you look cute in this outfit dear :)

  5. I have two scarves from college that I used the crap out of and I still use 'em cuz of all the memories and of course, the timeless style ;)

    1. its hard to get rid of clothes with memories attached, especially college memories :)


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