Who watched the Emmys? I am watching the re-telecast as i am typing this post, and wondering how Julia Roberts can be so beautiful (were you too? up-top!). This weekend was totally laid-back for me, with some homemade food and lotsa scrabble and movies. Tee is on a cooking spree these days, and we are spending most of our time in the kitchen, but i cant complain, cooking together is fun. Also it helps in learning to adjust with your partner and work as a team, who knew a day in the kitchen together can teach you so much about relationships, huh?

Today's post is about a few things that caught my eye recently.

Inspiring post by Meghan Markle(one of the Suits ladies) about how she feels on her recent birthday.
image src- thetig.com 

Love this video about Madras, its the bustling city where i worked before moving to Seattle. And the city is celebrating its 375th birthday this year.  Note: The music in the video is divine!

If you love a good selfie but never seem to get it quite right, then you gotta try this camera remote.

I would love to master the flower arrangement skill one day.
image src- theeverygirl.com 

Steps to achieve the perfect interview makeup, let them know you mean business in style.
image src- cosmopolitan.com 

What interested you recently? Let me know in the comments below, would love some good reads. xo, Hems

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