I am back with the second installment of decorating my SIL's house in Florida. Moving into a new house, first project one would like to strike off of the list is repainting the walls, because it changes everything and makes you fall in love with your home a whole lot more, because it screams your style now. Although i am all for repainting, sometimes you just need to work with what you have(for the time being), or sometimes(okay, rarely) the already existing wall is something beautiful, you just don't wanna change anything. There's a wall in my SIL's house which falls into that rare category, and its none other than the princess castle in the girl's room. The previous owners had it painted by an artist for their daughter's room.
As you can all guess, its a huge hit with Tee's niece(she is gonna be 4 in a few months). She couldn't be happier with her princess castle(her words), so naturally the castle isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I won't lie, this makes me happy like a little girl too.
So all we had to do in this room was to bring in all her stuff, and arrange her closet(she always matches her shoes with her dress). But the other side of the wall looked bare. And while unpacking, my SIL showed me all the drawings and artwork the kid did in her school the past year, and that was my light bulb moment. I decided to make a wall of fame with all her work. All i needed was her colorful paintings and scotch tape.
They also had wooden letters of her name, but it was missing one letter, so i thought of just using just the first letter "Y", and its just the perfect signature touch. Everybody loved this little project, especially the little one. She was so happy and proud of her art being displayed, she was even spotted showing it to her friends at the housewarming party. Best part is that they can keep adding or changing the old ones with new ones as and when she creates them.
Lamp - Gifted (similar, similar)
Minnie mouse doll - similar
Book rack - Amazon (similar)
Wooden letters - similar, similar
Mini chandelier - similarsimilar
How cute is that palm and foot printed art she did in school for mother's day. It says "from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes", its my favorite. Do you like the wall of fame project? Isn't it the easiest DIY ever? Have a good week. xo, Hems.

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  1. wow cute decor ^_^

  2. What a cute room for a little girl!!

    xo, Mandy
    Saguaros & Stilettos

    1. She sure is enjoying it, thanks, Mandy..


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