Its "opening my birchbox" time people. I signed up with birchbox(monthly subscription to sample size makeup and skin care products) to begin experimenting with some skincare and makeup products without spending a whole lot of money on full size products which might end up not right for me. I thought i would do a post on the products i receive every month, read the product reviews of my june box here.
This month, birchbox teamed up with Women's Health magazine, and there was a cute set of 12 challenges along with the products in the box. I didn't take the challenge, so can't talk about that, i will just stick to the usual product details. You can take a peek at some of the bit sized challenges in the pics below.
Here are the list of products i got in my box this month and my opinions of the same

RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer - Relic
0.17 fl oz - $11.00 (full size in the box)
Its a silver gray shade nail polish. I would have preferred another color, but i am okay with this. One coat was enough and it was really smooth. I didn't apply a top coat, and maybe because of that or not, i noticed chipping the second day. But i do cook and wash dishes everyday, so that's something to note. Its a full size bottle in the box, thats a plus. I already have my full box subscription amount($10.00) in one product. Check how it looked on me here.

RUFFIAN Dressing Room Nail Lacquer Remover Towelettes
1 towelette - 0.11 oz - $1.2
I love this towelette. First thing i like about this, it doesn't have the usual remover's smell which is so strong in all the other ones i have used. And a little goes a LONG way. I have already used the single towelette twice, and its still good for at least another couple of tries. It removes the polish easily, in quick swipes, its acetone free, and leaves the nails clean without drying it too much(which i have noticed in other polish removers as well). And its so chic in black color. Totally a winner in my opinion.

Harvey Prince Hello Body Cream
0.5 oz - $0.915
Its a body cream or moisturizer, its gotta nice citrusy scent but its not overpowering. Gives a nice lingering smell on the body. Its creamy and hydrates well. Its hypoallergenic and non comedogenic, so thats a plus, especially for people with sensitive skin. So if you are looking for some hypoallergenic products, you can give this a try.

100% Pure Gingerade Shower Gel (Honey Cream Wash)
4ml - $0.15
I cant say much about this product, because it was in a sachet, and even both the sachet combined weren't enough for a single shower. One thing to note is that its 100% natural and vegetarian. Had a nice fragrance.

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner - Silver (buy here)
0.03oz - $12.00
Another silver color product in my box this month.This eyeliner is like a creamy kajal, it glides on extremely smooth, and one swipe does the job. This color doesn't look so great on me or maybe i am not used to silver eyeliner on my eyes, i think i should give it another try. I would have preferred the charcoal color though. It stays put for several hours, and doesn't smudge but fades, i used it on my inner corners, and it's great to brighten up the eyes.

Marcelle New Age 8 in 1 Power Serum
7ml - $7.8
The box had a decent sample size of this product. I used this day and night(before going to sleep) for almost 6 days. The gel like consistency was a personal plus, what can i say i am gel-gal. It glided smoothly on the skin, left my skin soft and supple(my favorite word to pronounce). My face felt hydrated, and smooth, but i didn't notice any of the other benefits on my skin, probably will work better on older skin. You can get this sample size for free with purchase at the brichbox website.

My picks from the july box
  • RUFFIAN Dressing Room Nail Lacquer Remover Towelettes - its a wonder product
  • Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner - in charcoal/black - for its creamy smooth glide
  • RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer - in Rosary/RuffianNaked - because i just love nail paints
July box did not disappoint me. I have got some wonderful and quality products to try. Sample sizes weren't too bad either, one full size product, and other one almost full size(eyeliner) and natural & hypoallergenic were an additional plus. I have my august box with me, got some exciting products, can't wait to try them. If you are interested, subscribe to birchbox here (its my referral link). For readers in India, you can subscribe to something similar, check out fabbag.com or myenvybox.com. Happy subscribing and happy long weekend! xo, Hems.

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  1. That eyeliner sounds nice, but I love silver liners!


    1. Its good, and maybe i should give it another try.. :)

      xo, Hems

  2. would love to try the liners.

  3. Thank you for the review! I'm kind of wanting to try the hello body cream!


    1. Glad to be of help, Sarah! :)

      xo, Hems


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