"Home decor", probably my two favorite words, okay may be after "b'day cake" (my thoughts may be clouded by a yummy cake i had yesterday;)). The feeling of finding the one piece that will make your house, a home, and finding its perfect place, taking a step back and admiring at the finished look, ah nothing can't beat that, do you agree? So when i went to Florida to help my SIL, i was so happy and excited to do some decorating. Like i said before, there is gonna be a series of home decor posts of my SIL's place in Florida. If you didn't already know, i am a foodie, so naturally i am gonna start with the dining (i am all about eating than cooking ;)).

For the dining area, they(SIL & her husband) wanted to go traditional. And the chandelier left by the previous owners was perfect for their vision of a regal themed room. Initially we planned to change the wall paint to something neutral, but later decided against it because of time crunch. We thought we could work around with that for the time being, and change it in future.

Image source - redfin
First we started looking for dining tables(this is before my trip to FL). Initially they wanted something like this, the typical dark wood finished ones, but i thought those were so old fashioned. So we started looking for more sets online, and finally found this one. It comes in dark wood finish as well, but i was more drawn to this one because of the beige color and rustic finish, they liked it too, it goes perfectly with that chandelier as well (no?). They chose to mix the chairs, leather ones for the head chairs and fabric ones for the rest. I would say it's a perfect combination, and brings in different textures to the room.

Dining furniture - check!
Once i was in FL, we started to decorate the space after a day or two of me crushing on the table, i mean how perfect are they? Look at the detailing on the chairs.

Candles - BB&B (similar), Centerpiece - Homegoods (similar, similar), Potpurri - ZGallerie (similar)
We wanted to bring in more green to blend the table with the wall color, but kept it to simple and inexpensive items like candles and potpurri so that its easily replaced with new ones when they repaint the walls in future.

19X19 wall art (similar), 12X12 wall art (similar 1, 2, 3) - Lowes 
Wall art was chosen in the same color palette as the chandelier, and the vase with pink flowers was a house warming gift, it brings in the much needed brightness to the space.

Running horses wall art - BB&B (similar, similar)
Room is so not completely done yet, but it has a come a long way in a week's time. Its still in need of an awesome area rug, table runner, a good dining china cabinet or maybe two small ones on either side of the window, with accent mirrors on the wall? What more do you think this space needs? Are you decorating your dining space too? How hard or easy is the whole process? I thoroughly enjoyed decorating this space. xo, Hems.


  1. lovely interiors!

  2. loved the detailing on the chair :) regal interiors indeed

    1. thanks, Shazia.. good luck with your blog!

  3. Umm...I'm speechless ... ... ... ...

    1. thats exactly what i was hoping for :)


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