Hope you all had a fun weekend out in the sun, cause its not gonna last much longer now. Soak up that sun, jump in that pool, kayak in that lake, barbecue in that backyard, and go on that picnic. Today's post is inspired by a simple and colorful summer picnic. We didn't go on picnics very often in my childhood, but whenever we did it was total fun with huge set of friends and family, those are some of my favorite childhood memories. So i wanted to do a picnic post to share my happy memories here on the blog.
Our picnics usually take up the whole day, we start early in the morning (we go to places like Ooty, Kodaikanal, Valparai, Yercaud), and come back home late in the night. All the moms pack some good food, and snacks for the road. We rent a huge van just for this trip, there will be music, games, antakshari all through the journey. Once we are there, we run along, play some games, munch on those home made food, pose for some pictures(cameras with film rolls, ah those times) while the parents get to relax and enjoy with their friends. Its always the happiest day for everybody, and we all come home with a relaxed mind and great memories to cherish forever.

Hat - Target (similar)
Sunglass - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - Fabindia (similar)
Watch - Gifted (similar)
T-shirt - Jealous21 (similar)
Skirt - Macy's (similar)
Shoes - Target (similar)

Coming to the outfit details, a floral midi skirt sounded just perfect for a summer picnic. The necklace is a quirky piece, and a personal favorite. Me and my friend, we each got one on one of our visits to the mall a few years ago. Those pink ballet flats have been my go-to this summer, i love the pink color, and it matches or contrasts with so many of my everyday outfits, best buy ever! What's your childhood happy memory? xo, Hems


  1. Nice photos. I like the sunglasses!


  2. Such a lovely skirt!



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