Hope you all had a fun filled long weekend. I didn't want it to end, but here we are into september, back to school, to decorating the dorm rooms, to changing up the closet, to taking out those scarfs and ankle boots. Here's to a new season, let it be an epic one!

Usually in large houses, there is a formal living/front room, mostly near the entrance which is widely used to receive and entertain guests, for reading, etc., and a family room, usually adjacent to the kitchen where the members of the house hangout everyday. Today I bring you the formal living room or the front room, and its workaholic neighbor, the home office of my SIL's house.
First off is the living room. They moved the couch they had in their previous house into this room. But that't not enough, is it?, there was a whole lot we had to do in this space, to make it look more welcoming.
First came the plant, although artificial it added so much life to the plain room, then we brought the wall arts, SIL ordered the Ikea floor lamp, and we moved the file cabinet from the home office to the living room, and we were done (almost).
While we were searching for an area rug for the family room, we found this rug on sale at Bed,Bath & Beyond, which didn't go with our family room, but was perfect for the living room. Although the family room rug was on top priority at that time, the price($50 for a 8X10 rug) of this one made us didn't wanna pass up on this steal. It completes the room.
Open road wall art & Area rug(similar) - BB&B, Lamp - Amazon, Tree - HomeGoods (similar)
Living rooms is now ready to receive guests or to do some quiet reading.

Moving onto the living room's neighbor, Home Office. This room was completely empty after moving the file cabinet to the living room. So the first step was to buy some office furniture.
They had already finalized the furnitures by the time i was in FL, we had some discussions about which colors to go for, and they were bought home and setup. I loved arranging the books in the bookcase, my SIL is an avid reader and has quite a collection of all the famous works of Tamil poets and writers. I so wanted to take down that old window draping left by the previous owners, but couldn't do it at that time. We hung a wall art which is a picture of a satellite launch in NASA, gift from the realtor. Also added some decorative accents to the bookcase. Gave a personal touch and a pop of color by placing a colorful painting done by Tee's niece (its near the follow your dream sign).
Baskets - HomeGoods(similar), Follow your dream wood sign plaque - BB&B (similar), Vintage microphone table top - BB&B (similar), Buddha statue - Gifted (similar)
Home office needs more wall art(the wall opposite to the book case is completely bare), a new file cabinet(the old one didn't fit well with new furniture), an area rug, and some new blinds or at least remove the old drapes. But overall, the living room is complete, and home office is ready for some "work from home" days. xo, Hems

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  1. Awesome! It's amazing how much a rug can do for a room

    -- Michelle | MXP STYLE

    1. so true, Michelle and thanks :)


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