Happy first day of autumn/fall everyone! As we all welcome the new season, i have set myself some goals. Starting and posting regularly on this blog has been my one main goal the past spring/summer season, and it has inspired me in so many ways to write & share more with you all. There have been some other goals which were equally challenging and inspiring in my life. These goals help me keep myself motivated throughout and eventually when i do achieve these goals there is nothing that makes me happier.
But this season's goals are nothing big or fancy. This season, its just simple goals that will help me learn new things, appreciate the life i live with Tee, and be happy this holiday season.
Make an indian sweet for Diwali(the festival of lights), its like cooking turkey on thanksgiving, its the tradition, a must!
Bake with pumpkin. NBD for you? Well, not so for me as this would be my first time.
Do a personal photo shoot of Tee & I. We took some great pictures same time last year, maybe this will be our family tradition every year :)
Make a gallery wall. I made a picture gallery wall back at my parents' place in India when we last visited, can't wait to make one here.
Read a biography. Haven't read one before, i think i am ready now. Any suggestions?
Organize/decorate our desk (this is the new furniture purchase i have been taking about). Its quite difficult when you share the space with a techie guy and all his gadgets, but i am gonna try.
Learn to ski better. We started taking lessons last winter, plan to do better this year.
Having friends over for entertaining. Easiest goal ever, and a must for every season!
What are your goals for this new season? xo, Hems

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  1. From your list, I'd say "learn to ski." In general. I've never been skiing. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯

  2. Amazing post! m sure gonna adopt to some of ur plans! Keep going and all the best!

  3. Pretty pictures :)

    ~ Mikéla Davelyn ~


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