Hope you all are chirpy this monday, because after a sumptuous lunch at a friend's place yesterday, and having a friend over today, this monday is all but blue for me and i have something fun and colorful to share with you all today. 
I have a cute little DIY (do-it-yourself) project for you all. Its very simple, and simple totally does it for me. If you have couple of wooden spoons and left over paints lying around in your home, then this project is what you need, and it takes just a couple of hours. If you don't have the supplies, you should go get them, because this project is just fun, and you will have something unique and colorful on your kitchen counter in the end. There are probably a million other painted wooden spoons DIYs out there, but i tried it myself for the first time, and thought i would share(in detail) how i went with it here. So, lets dig into it, shall we?
Supplies & tools needed:
Wooden spoons - buy it here
Acrylic/Craft Paint - colors of your choice (i used this)
Non toxic shellac sealer (i used this)
Measuring tape
Marker/Pencil(not pictured below)
Scotch-tape or cellophane-tape
Paint brush preferably smaller
Paper plate as paint palette
1. Measure & Mark: Using the measuring tape and the pencil, measure and mark(tiny) the wooden spoons to the point you want to apply the paint. Make sure that spoons of same length have the markings at the same distance(measure from bottom end). I had 3 different sizes, and i went for 3in(for smaller ones), 4in(for medium ones) and 6in(for longer ones) from the bottom.
2. Tape it: Just above the markings, stick the tape, so that when you paint, the paint doesn't go beyond the intended length and these also give a sleek straight finish. Its the same technique you use in creating some nail arts or even a winged eyeliner look(for the beauty mavens out there).
3. Get creative: Time to paint. There is no rules here, just go with whatever color, or pattern you want. Apply two colors (make sure you do the taping accordingly), or stripes or go ombre (my fav). If this is your first time painting something like this(pointing at myself), please make note that, while applying more than one color, first apply the first color to the intended length then wait for it to dry completely (check step 4 for dry time) and then measure and apply tape at the desired length from where you want the second color to start. Then paint the second color over the first one considering the second tape as the new mark.
4. Let it dry: "Let it dry, let it dry, don't touch it too soon"(couldn't keep it in, heaven knows i tried;)) Let it dry for about 20-30 minutes. After 20 minutes, you can go for another coat of paint if your color doesn't show much.
5. Unmasking: Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the tapes. Do light touch ups, if the tape removed any paint with it, it usually wont.

6. Seal it: Time to seal the amazing work we have done, so that its not ruined too soon(paint gets chipped easily without a sealer). According to the instructions on the package, spray or apply the sealer, and wait for it to dry(for the time specified in the instructions). I let mine dry for about an hour to be safe, go watch two episodes of 'sex and the city' (or 'modern family?') in the mean time.
7: Done: Once the coat dries, some colorful wooden spoons are ready to rock your kitchen(check the note section at the end for few pointers). So the next time you have a guest, they will be all over you like "where did you get those awesome spoons?". Now who wouldn't like that. This also makes a beautiful gift for someone(like your mom), probably painted in their favorite color, or matching their kitchen's theme.
  • Do this in a well ventilated area(i did it near an open patio door), as the fumes from the sealer can be strong, also it helps dry the paint a lot faster. 
  • Cover the floors with plastic cover or cardboard sheet to prevent the floors from getting dirty and for easy cleanup in the end.
  • Have a glass of water and paper towel nearby to clean & wipe the brush before switching colors.
  • Sealer is a must if you intend to use the spoons for cooking and/or to prevent chipping. If its just for display, then you may skip that step, but please note that some paints maybe water soluble, so it might get ruined if come in contact with liquids. I totally recommend buying the sealer because you can use them for variety of other projects too(hinting at future DIYs on the blog)
  • Caution while you cook with these, as the paint may melt if the spoons get hot.
  • Hand wash the spoons.
If you are intimidated by paints like me, start with one spoon preferably old which you can toss in the trash if it didn't turn out to be good(but there really is nothing to go wrong here). Hope you will give this a try. Have a colorful week everybody! xo, Hems

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  1. I'm honestly a bit of a minimalist so would usually prefer a plain wooden spoon, but these are so cute!
    I know Valentine's Day is like five months away or something, but these look like the perfect spoons for baking Valentine's Day treats with.
    -E @ amie-eo.blogspot.com

    1. Oh yeah, these would be perfect for valentine's day theme..there is no harm in some advance planning :)


  2. Cute idea!


  3. The wooden spoons came out so wonderfully! Really great color choice on them.

    Little Lady Little City

  4. What a great idea and LOVE your colors you chose ;)

  5. This is such a simple but great idea, they look really cute

  6. These look super cute. Maybe you could DIY something for a wedding-favours/ centerpieces etc and we could feature that on the wed me good?

    1. Thank you! :) And i am happy to oblige, will get back to you!

  7. cute! love the color scheme :)



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