Before we move onto October lets get something off of our plate, the august month birchbox. I know its way late, but i got great products at good sample sizes this month, i was just enjoying them and didn't realize that i haven't posted the reviews yet. So, with no further delay lets open the august month's birchbox.
One good thing about this box is there are no sample sachets, i don't like those, cause there is never enough to use and no way of knowing the results. So i was very happy seeing the following products with good sample sizes in my box.
Vasanti Brighten Up Energetic Face Rejuvenator
Box - 20g - $5.6 / Full size - 4.23oz - $34
This is basically an exfoliator but with minute granules than the usual scrubs, that almost feels soft. Its takes time for your skin to get used to this product. Initially it felt harsh on my skin with light irritation although my face felt soft after the first use. On repeated usage(3rd onwards) that harshness was gone, and my face felt softer every time. I use it once every 2 or three days, and it instantly makes my face look refreshed, and oh so smooth to touch. It has papaya, aloe, etc. Love it!

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris
Box - sample size / Full size - 3.4oz - $110.0
Style de Paris is the designer's first ever fragrance and she has partnered with birchbox to launch it. I love the scent of this one. Its fruity(grapefruit and orange blossom) and not floral, a musky fragrance. Its not too strong, but not too light either. Some might not like the muskiness of the scent, but i personally love it. Its great for dinner dates.

theBalm cosmetics Stainiac
Box - 0.04 fl oz - $2.26 / Full size - .3 fl oz - $17.00 (buy here)
Its a two in one product, lip + cheek stain. This one's a nice pink shade. Its perfect for me to add a light color to the lips as i don't use lipsticks much. When used on cheeks, it had a very light pink pigmentation and did not do an over the top barbie like cheeks. But left quite a lot of pink stain on my fingers when i tried to smudge, ugh! Overall i liked this product for my lips which is where i used it mostly. Its great for everyday use, or for light natural make up, when u don't wanna use a load of lip products.

ModelCo Bronzer
Box - 0.12oz - $7.5 / Full size - 0.35oz - $22.00
I have not used a bronzer before, so i was super excited when i got this in my box. This has a light shimmer to it, which you can clearly see when a flash is used, so its great for parties and night outs. I loved this shade of bronze. It had a sheer effect, so you can build it up gradually and thats always great, because you won't end up with a whole lot of product on your face in one swipe. A good product for me to try, and it looked great against my skin, especially when i applied on the bridge of my nose, its great for contouring.

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream
Box - 22ml - $2.93 / Full size - 150ml - $20.00 (buy here)
I loved this product. Its got a fruity smell(i got the acai grapefruit flavor, two grapefruit flavors in one box? Can't complain, cause i love the smell), and a creamy texture. The texture is not runny or foamy(yay!), its like applying a night cream on your legs. Its paraben free, and made of all natural organic ingredients like shea butter, green tea, jojoba oil, etc. Its extremely moisturizing, and the razor glides easily on the skin with out any tugging. Skin is so smooth and not irritated after the shave. I love it!

My picks:
Whish Shave Cream - Very moisturizing, and not foamy!
Vasanti Brighten Up - For a softer, smoother skin afterwards.
Stainiac - For an everyday touch of tint :)

Loved my August box, great products, some totally new for me, and great sample sizes. If you are interested, subscribe to birchbox here (its my referral link). For readers in India, you can subscribe to something similar, check out fabbag.com or myenvybox.com.

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Have a great week everyone! xo, Hems

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  1. I also received the Vasanti in my Birchbox and loved it - I may need to spring for the full-size!

    1. I am thinking of buying the full size too.. :) Its a great product!

  2. The bronzer looks amazing! I'm going to have to check out the Whish shave cream as well.


    1. Yeah, through birchbox i am trying out products i would never think about otherwise, like this bronzer! And the whish cream is great, you should totally try it.

  3. I should give it a try soon! They have some great products out there...

  4. You got some awesome products! great blog xo


  5. Such an inspirational blog. Love your personality! Hope you find some time to visit my blog about how to grow hair faster, beauty diy's and all the girly stuff :))



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