Lets get this season rolling with a restaurant review on AGT. We are planning to spend our cold days either snuggled up at home with movies & madeleines, or eating out at restaurants. So lets get started, one restaurant at a time.
Araya's Place - Vegan Thai Restauranthttp://www.arayasplace.com/
Yup, its Thai and Vegan. So now you know that this is a one of a kind restaurant, and why i chose to review it here. Being a non-vegetarian myself i was skeptical but Tee kept singing praises of how the food here is so good. So we gave this a try on the eve of Tee's birthday, dinner date and celebration, two in one!
Araya's place is at different locations in Seattle (also one in LA), and we went to the one on Madison St. From the road, its just a normal entryway but once you go in, there is a quiet garden in the centre surrounded by other stores and boutiques, at the opposite end of the entrance you see the door to the Araya's place. Garden is so beautiful, you wouldn't mind spending sometime time there if you have to wait to get a seat.
Its a house turned into a restaurant, and i personally love such transformed places, inspiration everywhere right? The place has an all white interior with antique-y gold details all around, and there is a stunning asian mirror in the lobby, a cozy place.
Seating & Service:
We were there for a saturday night early dinner, and the place was not crowded, so didn't have to wait. Our waitress, was quite friendly, helped me with my order asking me to try the vegan chicken when i said i don't like tofu(i am one of a kind too ;)), and i was happy with that option in the end.
What we ordered:
Pot stickers
Fried Brussel Sprouts
Pineapple curry
Tofu Lemon - with vegan chicken instead of tofu
White Rice

As i said before, i was super skeptical upon hearing the word vegan along with thai, but i was totally wrong. Food was "absolutely delicious" (a big fan of the man who owns this statement, Gordon Ramsay, and this reminds me, did u watch the MasterChef USA finale? I was so rooting for Elizabeth, but hey Courtney won it hands down). Everything was super tasty, i didn't even realize that they were all vegan. Tee doesn't like brussels sprouts, but he devoured these fried ones. Pot stickers were light and tasty. Tee ordered the Pineapple curry, we both love marinated or cooked pineapples in our food, and this curry was beyond wonderful. My tofu lemon with vegan chicken sans tofu was super yummy. The vegan chicken looked and tasted almost like chicken, i liked it. There was enough main course left for us to take a to-go, and we did't order any dessert as we were pretty full already.
Price: Dinner for two without dessert - $55 (gratuity included)

Would we go back? Absolutely, but probably will try a different location next time.

Hope you enjoyed the review. If you are a vegan or vegetarian and in or around Seattle(or LA), you should totally give this restaurant a visit, its worth it. Have a great weekend. xo, Hems

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  1. Anonymous9/26/2014

    Seems like an interesting place! The food looks so yummy! Hope you have a great weekend!


    1. I was suprised by this restaurant, the food was delicious! thanks :)


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