Today i am sharing details about my(Tee's as well) most favorite room in my SIL's house in Florida, the family room. We all had the most fun decorating this space and the whole family just loves spending time in there. The highlights of this room are the floor length arch windows over looking the pool in the backyard. I love Palladian windows, they give such an elegant yet grandiose feel to any place. Also the windows bring in the much needed natural light, the room always feels bright and lively. I am sure this room is what ultimately made them sign on this house.
image source - redfin.com
As you can see above, the walls needed some fresh coat of paint. We wanted something neutral but not white, so i chose "Revere Pewter" from Benjamin Moore, and bye-bye went the boring beige. The neutral gray instantly lifted the mood of the entire room. The family room size is huge, you can very well split it into two rooms. So for this space they wanted a large sectional, that will fill up the room, sit many people, and be the centre of attention ;) After looking at some thousands of sectionals online(not kidding), calling all kinds of stores for stock availability and appointments, there was nothing we all really liked (within our budget obviously). There was a stint where we almost ordered another one but backed out because it didn't feel right. So there was no sectional and this is how the room looked when i reached FL. 
On the day we were buying the home office furniture & tv unit, me and my SIL were looking at the sectionals desperate to find one that we liked and there it was screaming "pick me, pick me". We called the rest of the family to take a look, and everybody smiled like it was the one, and it was! It's the perfect size, the colors were in absolute sync with their vision for this room, and well within budget, win-win-win!
For the minimal modern theme, they chose the TV/Wall unit in black and white, and we decided on black coffee table to connect the wall unit with the white couch, so its all blends together. Rug and the light on the ceiling is in sync with the furniture with their zig-zag lines and stripes in shades of black and white. 
Rest of the space started to fill up one by one, with numerous trips to home goods, zgallerie, home depot, lowe's, etc. We added accent pieces to the wall unit with colors mostly shades of blue and green to match with the pool side, blue for the water and green for the trees surrounding it. Can you spot the blue water drop accent piece? We also added beach themed 4 piece canvas wall art to the walls to go with the theme(i hung them separately one on either side of the walls behind the sofa, and two on the wall left side of the tv unit above the vent)
Source: Wall Unit, Coffee table, Sectional - Eldorado Furniture / Area Rug - Lowe's(similar) / Pendant light - Home Depot (similar)/ Beach themed canvas wall art - Amazon.
Wall unit accent items: Faux Bonsai TreeTopiary plant potGlass flower bowlGlass waterdropGlass elephant figurine - Home Goods / & coin bank - Z Gallerie

You can always spot someone sleeping on the couch, one time it even hosted three sleeping souls including me, and its times likes this you know that you invested wisely. This space is the favorite for all the guests as well. SIL's family spends the most of the time at home in this room, and they are so happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at the family room.

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Have a great weekend! xo, Hems

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  1. That sectional is off the hook! Love the makeover and it is such a beautiful and cozy room!

  2. Amazing pics, dear!


  3. Anonymous9/19/2014

    Beautiful room!


    1. Thanks, Mel...Really appreciate all the support! :)

  4. Love the modern open space, very pretty!


  5. wow this is a beautiful space! I love the huge windows <3 Stunning!! xx

  6. Gorgeous interior!


  7. i like the design of the living room.


  8. Love the neutral gray palette of the living room. Great inspiration!

    Jessica xo
    the way to my Hart

    1. Thanks you, Jessica...Neutrals always leave space for customizing with other colorful stuffs..

  9. wow! this is amazing



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