When it comes to reading, i like reading novels now and then, i love reading blogs(duh!), love staring at those glossy pages in magazines(you don't? Gasp! I thought we were friends?), and i find myself interested in reading local newspapers like metroplus in The Hindu when i was in India (and that reminds me i should pick that up again) and our community newspaper now.
I recently read 'Gone Girl', and 'The best of me'. Both these books are made into movies, incase you are not much of a reader. I picked up the Sparks' book because i haven't read his works before, and wanted to read one instead of watching the movies. I generally don't like to read love stories, even with movies i don't prefer that genre(RomComs yes, but these kinds, No), so i was a little hesitant, but thought i would give this a try. *spoiler alert* I liked Tuck, his and Clara's love for each other moved me more than Dawson and Amanda's. Almost everything was so predictable in this story, especially the ending. And i felt so sorry for Dawson Cole, the protagonist the whole time(i like happy endings). I feel that the movie will be better, although i have no plans of watching it.
I picked up Gone Girl because of the rave reviews and that fact that its a thriller or mystery. *spoiler alert* I liked the "unreliable narration" concept, which is the key in this novel, and ends up bringing in the major twist in the story. I know its a fiction, but the fact that the female character planned everything with such fine detail (keeping the long strand of her hair for future use before chopping it all off, felt like a little too much) and the cops couldn't find anything against her seemed impossible to me. But i did appreciate the twists, the suspense in the story, and how she tricked her husband into believing she loved him with her clues, but the truth is that it was all a ruse to get him convicted with all the evidence pointing towards him. I was looking for something to happen all along, and in the end nothing did. They just went on with their lives. So, that did not excite me. Guess, i am a sucker for some action. 
Now i have picked up 'The Girl Who Disappeared Twice' by Andrea Kane. I know nothing about this book, about the author, whether this is a series, etc, i just randomly picked it up at the library. Lets see how this one goes. What are you reading currently?

On a completely unrelated note, today Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two people, One Malala who fights for children's education, and other Satyarthi, who fights against child labor. Children are the future, and we must strive hard to protect them, and to keep them headed in the right direction by educating them. Check out Malala's speech here.

Have a great weekend! xo, Hems

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