Hope you all had a fun weekend. I had a fun one too. But today's post is focussed on the previous weekend. We had to run an errand at Ballard, Seattle that saturday, and after it was done we went to a happening public park in Ballard called the Golden Gardens Park. It has beaches(think beach volley ball in summer), hiking trails, dog parks, pier, etc. It offers some stunning views and is a perfect location for some family picnic time, to have your daily dose of running/cycling, and of course a great backdrop for some wedding or personal photo shoots. It gets lotsa crowd, especially in the summer i heard.

We also stopped at a coffee house at the top of the golden gardens, at sunset hill. Caffè Fiore is an organic coffee house, and uses only organic roasted coffee beans. Did u say organic? We are sold! I had nothing fancy, just the usual americano and loved the strong flavor. Its a quaint little cafe with some outdoor seating as well. You can park around here, get your coffee and head down to the gardens. This cafe is also on three other locations in Seattle, you can check their website(linked above) for more info.

Regarding my outfit, I chose to wear my poncho, because it was poncho weather you guys. Not anymore though, its freezing here and temperature reaches 0 (celsius) degrees often. Already dreading the weather after new year.

All the stunning shots were taken by Tee :)


My just-got-my-tongue-burned-by-hot-coffee-but-wont-stop-posing face ;)


Outfit Details

Poncho - GAP (similar here)

Boots - BareTraps (similar here)

Bracelet/Cuff - F21 (similar here)

Necklace - DIY (similar here)

Thanks for reading, have a good week!
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  1. Love the photos!! Dreamy... This coffee drinking you is new though :O

    1. Thanks, Arch :)...and no no, i am still the same..had to try just because it was organic... ;)


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