2014 is gonna be one memorable year in my life because of this blog. It's almost unbelievable that i started and been posting content for past 8+ months now. I am so glad i did it, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for my little corner in the internet here. I am beyond thankful for each and every person who drops by, you guys make my day, and motivate me to post more. Thanks so much for following along for these past months, and i hope that you guys will be with me in the next year as well.
I compiled some of my favorite posts on AGT from 2014 for today.
My first style post featuring my favorite dress from this year. And i totally forgot that i had super chopped hair this spring.



Open front cardigans are trending everywhere this season. I have been on the lookout for one since fall started, and i finally found one, on sale(sale is still on, link to the item at the end of the post) in San Francisco. Its a super casual piece and looks great for the laid-back or off-duty looks. This particular cardigan is fuzzy, soft and perfect for fall or Indian(or Florida) winters. As its the holidays i added some holiday red with a henley top and plaid scarf. And if you are a regular reader here or follow me on Instagram then you would know my love(pure genuine love people) for these slip-on shoes by now(seen here, here, here and here).



Holidays are almost here, well, already here, and the streets are all lighted up and santa stations are everywhere. The best part during this time for me is driving around after dark, and looking at all the front yard decorations and how each window is showing off its christmas spirit with the Christmas tree. I keep shouting to Tee, 'oh look at that window', 'ah look how beautiful this decor is', and i never get tired of it. This is my second holiday time here and i am loving it even more than last year, guess you never get used to this one. So i have the holiday gift guide for you all here, hope you find something for your friends and family or for yourself(we always do, don't we?) .
Gifts for him



I am the tallest! 
Hope all of you are gearing up to get out of the office, and have a great weekend. But i guess during the holidays, even the work place turns into a fun place to be. Today i am sharing stories about the last day of our California trip and it was in "drum roll" San Francisco. We were all so excited to be there, with Tee as our alleged tour guide as he had been there before. He gets so excited to show me the places he had been to before, just so i could enjoy the way he did, and he could see those places in a whole new light with me. Our trip to Vegas & Grand Canyon was another one he was so excited to take me to.



Napa, the vino tourism destination of the country, and its where we spent the second day of our California road trip sipping some fine wines(check out the first day, lake tahoe diaries here). Filled with acres and acres of vineyards and wineries the drive around Napa is just wonderful, looking at all the lands of cultivation, and each and every winery being so unique, the place is a dream. We went to two wineries, first Castello di Amorosa(Castle of love) in Calistoga and next V. Sattui winery in St. Helena. Both were very different and tasteful, unique in their own way. The wineries were filled with people, and the atmosphere was lively. The town of St.Helena and Healdsburg were like they were taken out of a christmas movie, full of cute little local shops and holiday lighting. We all had an amazing time driving around the country side, tasting some amazing wines, and admiring the beauty of this land. Here are some pictures from our day. I have added some pointers at the end of the post if you are looking for some more info about these wineries and tastings.



On our second day of the thanksgiving weekend road-trip we visited Napa, vinotourism destination of the United States. While lake tahoe (check here for the travel diaries & outfit details) was cold and chilly, i knew Napa wouldn't be as cold as tahoe, but not warm either at this time of the year. So i chose a pastel colored sweatshirt and black jeans and gave the jacket & boots a miss. I wanted to be comfortable as we will be traveling from lake tahoe to napa(3+ hours) that morning, and this outfit was perfect for both traveling and the Napa weather.



Hello everyone! I am back after a week long break.  Hope all of you had an amazing thanksgiving and a relaxing long weekend. I didn't celebrate thanksgiving per say but i felt a whole lot thankful for everything i have had and still have in my life, and Tee & I had a super duper fun long weekend in California. We went on a road trip to the west coast and this is part 1(of 3) of that road trip. First up was the almost-like-an-ocean huge and stunning Lake Tahoe.