2014 is gonna be one memorable year in my life because of this blog. It's almost unbelievable that i started and been posting content for past 8+ months now. I am so glad i did it, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for my little corner in the internet here. I am beyond thankful for each and every person who drops by, you guys make my day, and motivate me to post more. Thanks so much for following along for these past months, and i hope that you guys will be with me in the next year as well.
I compiled some of my favorite posts on AGT from 2014 for today.
My first style post featuring my favorite dress from this year. And i totally forgot that i had super chopped hair this spring.
Yummy and super spicy green mushroom recipe that's been a favorite of Tee's.
Love this look i styled with the printed pants. Love the vintage-y photos as well.
But i had the most fun while posing for this style post on the tennis court.
And another easy, healthy yet tasty green recipe that made me enjoy the flavors of green bell pepper like never before.
We did quite a bit of traveling this year, all within and one out of the country(to India, and i started AGoldenTulip soon after that). But the well planned trip to the Vegas for our first wedding anniversary was definitely one of the highlights of this year.
And i will never forget how i felt at the first sight of the Grand Canyon, cannot wait to go back there!
I still remember the first day of summer '14 we spent riding the ferry and exploring the orcas island in my super comfy summer outfit.
Had a super fun time with friends at the univ. district street fair one weekend. How cool are those flasks?
And quick road trip to the Olympic National Park on a long weekend was so relaxing.
I had the best time in Florida this summer with my sister-in-law's family decorating their new space.
Speaking of decorating my SIL's house calls for the details about what i wore at the house warming party where we devoured some amazing indian food.
Once i got back to Seattle from Florida, i explored the infamous pike place public market with a friend, it was a fun day, and one for the blog post of course :)
I so gotta make these whole wheat blueberry cobbler again soon. You should try it too, its super yum. This reminds me i should post more baking recipes here. 
Although i stopped the birchbox subscription, i thoroughly enjoyed most if not all the skincare & makeup samples i received, and my most favorite box of samples i received was this one.
Feeling like a diva in my favorite pencil skirt and stilettos.
Trying to replicate Nigella's recipe and totally nailing it. Tip: Choose the easiest recipe ;)
Putting together a new outfit for Diwali was so much fun, and writing this post on kindness was uplifting, hope it inspired you too.
This post taught me how fun collaborating for the blog can be, hope i get more such opportunities in future.
Fall was pretty fun with all the styling options - brown jacket, faux-fur vest, a poncho, & denim jacket.
And we ended the autumn season with an amazing road trip to California(Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley & San Francisco) this Thanksgiving.
I tried my hand at some fun DIYs like this necklace this year. Totally have to do more next year.

Now that i have listed my favorites, lets get into whats been your(readers') favorites.
Most read post - painted spoons DIY. I admit, it is pretty colorful..and they are making my island look good.
Most Commented - Weekend Style : Casual & Bright. Its my go-to look for everyday, thanks for taking the time to comment, they make my day(s).
Post which reached highest number of people via blog's facebook page - Vintage Chic: Tunic + Top Knot OOTD. I loved styling this outfit inspired by a lead actress in the 80s Indian cinema.

And the post with the least views and zero comments is obviously the first post - To new hopes & dreams. But that post just shows how far i have come in keep posting on AGoldenTulip, which i was most worried about to start with. So that feels good.

Farewell, 2014.
Signing off, me & my nikon!

Happy new year!!! May this new year bring lots of love, happiness and cray fun times in your lives.

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  1. Anonymous12/31/2014

    Awesome pictures! Happy New Year! Hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you!


    1. Thank you, Mel! Happy new year!

  2. Looks like 2014 was a great year for you! Hope 2015 will be just as good for you!

    xx The Tangled Brunette xx

    1. I did, thanks! Happy new year!

  3. Lovely pics n nice summary of ur whole blog till now :) great going ! :) Happy 2015 !


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