I am quite used to packing my bag in a jiffy nowadays. It used to take a long time, and lotsa of thinking about what to pack, what not to miss, etc. But now i am ready to go with few of my essentials. As you might know i am now in India for about a month, it was a sudden plan, tickets booked few days before my travel. Two years ago this would have caused me major stress, but now i couldn't be more composed.



I had a haircut this weekend. Nothing fancy, just trimmed my hair, and added few layers. But before i went in, i was worried to show my hair to my hairdresser, went to a new hairdresser because i had a holiday coupon :). I didn't wanna hear any upsetting remarks such as dry or damaged hair, etc. But then i just mustered the courage(ignore the exaggerations) and went in, and was quite surprised by her remarks. While washing my hair, i asked her about the state of my hair and scalp. She said that it was pretty healthy, and the scalp was clean as well(say what?!), and i can assure you she would have heard my sigh of relief (PHEW!!). On top of that, she told me that my hair is very soft, i should just take care of the flyaway-s, and i am good to go. Gleeful smile was all over my face!



Happy pongal to all the friends and family who are celebrating today. If you are wondering what i am talking about, this week is a very special week full of celebration in my native place in India. We celebrate Thai Pongal, the harvesting festival. On these days we clean up our houses, get rid of all the old stuff which we don't need anymore, pay respects to sun, livestock, etc. Its a special festival for all of us in our family because we all hail from farming community, its basically what defined us two generations ago. Tee's parents do farming, and have cows in their backyard. I was in India last year for this festival and miss being there this year. But that doesn't stop me from celebrating this auspicious day(s) in our own way. 



Its perfectly normal to do a round up of shampoos used in the past year, and that's exactly what i am gonna do today. Short reviews of the shampoos i used in 2014. If you live in India, i have provided links(for all but one) from where you can buy these products in India as well. And for the review reference, i wash my hair only twice or thrice every week, not daily and yes, its legal ;) Also, i have virgin hair, that is, i have not done any chemical treatment on my hair like straightening or coloring, like ever. So you wont find products that are specific to color protection, etc in my list of products but, if you are looking for one, i have heard some really good reviews about this Biolage one(get it in India here). Okay, lets get started.



Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had a fun NYE(check out few snapshots from my NYE on Instagram). I know many of you would have started working on your new year resolutions, good luck guys. I have resolved to do few things as well. And one of them is to write more and keep posting here. I am so excited to see what 2015 has in store for me and AGT.

I spent my first week(and weekend) cleaning up our house, eating biryani & donuts, and watching Hot in Cleveland(is it weird that i love that show? i don't care). And i must say 2015 is already looking gluttony yet good. I also did some organizing & decorating in our space which involved some cute yet super simple DIYs, planning to share them here soon.