I had a haircut this weekend. Nothing fancy, just trimmed my hair, and added few layers. But before i went in, i was worried to show my hair to my hairdresser, went to a new hairdresser because i had a holiday coupon :). I didn't wanna hear any upsetting remarks such as dry or damaged hair, etc. But then i just mustered the courage(ignore the exaggerations) and went in, and was quite surprised by her remarks. While washing my hair, i asked her about the state of my hair and scalp. She said that it was pretty healthy, and the scalp was clean as well(say what?!), and i can assure you she would have heard my sigh of relief (PHEW!!). On top of that, she told me that my hair is very soft, i should just take care of the flyaway-s, and i am good to go. Gleeful smile was all over my face!
I don't do anything special to my hair, i just leave it as it is. As i said in this post earlier, i haven't done any chemical treatments so far, and never colored my hair. But that doesn't mean i don't have any problems, i do face severe hair-fall, and of course the frizzy flyaway-s. When i was in India, i go to the salon and take deep condition treatments or hair spa occasionally. I love how my hair feels after that pampering. But after moving to Seattle, i never went to the salon for such treatments(not ready to spend $50 for each session). This pushed me to look for alternatives and i quickly found one. If you blow dry, or flat iron often, and your hair looks dry or damaged, then deep condition is a must to restore your hair back to its best natural self.

All you need to deep condition your hair at home:
1. Hair mask for your hair type or problem. (I use this one)
2. Wide Tooth Comb
3. Shower Cap
4. Hair dryer (not pictured)
5. Leave in hair serum (I use this or this)

1. Wash your hair like usual. And do not apply conditioner. Its always better to do this on clean hair, thats why its recommended to wash your hair before.
2. Apply the hair mask from roots to tips. Ensure not to use too much product. One mini scoop should be good.
3. Use the wide tooth comb to comb through the hair to help spread the mask evenly.
4. Use a clip to secure your hair in place and wear the shower cap.
5. Now use the hair dryer to apply some heat. Make sure you don't hold the dryer too close, as it might melt the shower cap. Light warm blow of air is enough, so keep a safe distance. Use the hair dryer for about 2-5 mins.
6. Leave the mask on for about 1-2 hrs. If you have very fine hair, you might wanna rinse it off earlier, as the heaviness of the mask might weigh down your hair.
7. After your preferred mask time, rinse off the mask with lukewarm water.
8. Apply the leave in serum after.
9. Style as usual.
If you are starting out or not sure of which type of mask to go for, i recommend to buy travel size so that you don't waste too much money on a product you don't see fit for you. I am interested to try this budget friendly option next. Hope this helped. Let me know which hair mask you love to use for your hair type, would like to know the other options out there.

P.S I am in India! :) About a month long vacation, visiting family and friends. Life is good! Follow me on Instagram to see what i am up-to.

Thanks for reading, happy weekend!

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