Today is the first blogiversary of AGT! Time has just flown by. This little blog of mine still feels new and gives me jitters every time i hit publish on a post. Writing this blog is probably the most unexpected ride i have been on in my life, but i am glad that i did it. I first wanted to start a blog more than a year ago, and i have been writing one for a year now. Guess that's one regret off the table for the future me.

Blogging is something that needs constant support and love from others to survive. Bloggers need the motivation to write new posts, and their readers, their comments & feedback are their motivators every single day. But readers come after you have started and posted good content. But the most important motivation in blogging is to help start and hit publish on that first post. And that motivation came to me from my husband Tee, without whose support i wouldn't have started AGT in the first place.

My parents are still kinda clueless about what blogging is all about, but i can see that they take pride in their daughter's work when my mom asks about the recipes and dad comments on my pictures.

My friends and well wishers, who surprise me with their wonderful feedback, how much they appreciate my blogging and look forward to my posts. You guys are the best, love you all.

My lovely readers, i am thankful to each and every one of you for dropping by my blog. You guys motivate me to keep blogging, every day. Thank you!

Here's to another year of good content and great pictures! Keep reading, and motivating me!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Way to go Hugs ! Love and best wishes, Pri 😊😊🎉

  2. Happy Anniversary A Golden Tulip! Cheers to many more years of great blog posts :)

    Happy Thursday Hems!


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