This weekend is our two year wedding anniversary. To celebrate we are going to "The Last Frontier" Anchorage, Alaska! I know its gonna be breathtaking and we are gonna be stopping every few minutes to soak in the beauty of the landscape, can't wait. Its a short trip(we are not taking a cruise), four days but i am so looking forward to a change in the scenery, its been almost a year since we went somewhere, just the two of us. We usually don't plan our trips to the t, we find out things to do and do it in our own pace. And thats how we are gonna take this Alaska adventure too.
I am a bit clueless about what to pack but i am trying my best to go prepared for rain and/or shine. Summer activities and markets open mid may in AK. Although we are going right on time, Anchorage is gonna be little cold this time of the year. It also gets lot of rainfall in May. So, there is rain gear involved, and lotsa of accessories like gloves and scarves to keep oneself warm. Today i am sharing some of the must haves for the trip.

Dress code in Alaska is as casual as it gets. So, one need not worry about looking the part while packing for Alaska(cruise might be a little different). So lets get to it.

Packing for Alaska in May
  1. Waterproof (note: not water-resistant) jacket - outer layer when it rains
  2. Couple of Hoodie/Vest/fleece jackets - middle layer
  3. T-shirts and tops - base layer
  4. Two pairs of jeans
  5. Set of dry fit t-shirts & moisture wicking pants - for hiking
  6. Waterproof/Rain boots
  7. Hiking/Running shoes with good traction
  8. Four pairs of (fleece-lined) socks
  9. Couple of scarves & beanies
  10. Pair of gloves
  11. Sunglasses & sunscreen - there is gonna be 18+ hours of daylight there
  12. Pain killers like Tylenol or Ibuprofen
  13. Backpack
Gadgets in our bag
  • Camera + lens
  • Extra memory cards
  • Battery + charger
  • Tripod
We are excited to have some amazing time this weekend. Follow the adventure with me on Instagram: @agoldentulip and Snapchat: hemsluvs Thanks for reading!


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