Hope all of you had a fun and relaxing long weekend and ready for the next one, TGIF! Like most of you know, we were on a short trip to Alaska this long weekend to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, you can read about my packing list for Alaska here. The trip was a short, but a memorable one. Four days was just not enough to soak in the beauty of the last frontier, but it was enough to fall in love with the purest form of nature preserved in this place. The glaciers, abundance of wildlife, the breathtaking landscape everywhere, we felt privileged to have had this experience. So here's a travel diary from Alaska. Lets get started from day 1.
We stayed in Anchorage on our trip, and visited nearby locations during our stay. On our first day, we started our drive on the scenic Portage Glacier highway. The beauty of the landscape made us go "wow, look at that, so beautiful, ahhhh, lets live here". Just driving on the highway was worth making the trip to Alaska. We drove to Portage, and took the Portage Glacier Cruise tour to see the Portage glacier. Its a short cruise of about an hour, the place was so serene and beautiful. The fact that you are looking at a glacier itself was unbelievable, and the view was just amazing!
Adventure begins!
Ready to cruise
But first a picture!
Portage Glacier, unbelievable!
This view!
Nature's wonder
Happy me
Next, we drove to Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Girdwood, which is on the way back from Portage towards Anchorage. The location where the wildlife center is located was incredible, the view of the mountains in the background was gorgeous. And of course the animals there. The highlight of that place for us was to see bears playing with each other, climbing trees, jumping in the puddle, they were all so cute. They were having such a good day that it made our day more worthwhile to be able to see that.
Look at their view
Wood bison
Look at him climbing
and playing with a twig
Incredible views everywhere
After that we drove to Alyeska resort (on the way back to Anchorage from the wildlife center), took the tram to the top of the mountains of Alyeska and had our pre-anniversary dinner at the Seven Glaciers Restaurant. Loved the cheese platter there, but the rest of food was just okay for the price they cost, but i did like my grilled alaskan halibut. The view from the top was worth it. After that, we really wanted to drive to Whittier to take the Anton Anderson tunnel, which is the second largest tunnel (and largest mixed-road+rail tunnel) in North America, we took turns driving to and fro, so we both drove in that tunnel, yay!
taking the tram
View from the top
Cheese platter, yum!!
Grilled Alaska Halibut
Dinner with a view
Let me soak in the beauty
Then on our way back, we saw loads of cars parked on the highway, and saw people fishing on the the side of the highway, it was incredible to watch. And then driving a little bit more we spotted few guys doing paddle boarding, and the place where they get to enjoy their sport is just unbelievable.

 People fishing on the side of the highway.
I was speechless
That was our day 1 guys. Will be back with day 2 & more soon. Happy weekend!

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