Hope you all had a great start to the summer. We are loving the clear sky days and always up to do something outdoors even if its just a game of tennis or doing a walk around the pond near our place during the weekends. In the evenings post sunset we almost always end up watching movies (occasionally indulging in a bag of chips and salsa). Tee and i watch movies on a daily basis. But when we heard about a play (in Tamil - our native language) that was gonna be performed this past weekend, we were curious. We have never watched a play live at a theatre, and were intrigued to give it a try. The entire show produced by the Indus Creations is performed by Tamilians who live in USA, they are all passionate about theatre and are volunteering for this show. Hundreds of volunteers dedicating months of time for their passion was something we wanted to witness and be a part of too.

Also, it was Indus Creation's 10th anniversary this year, they have doing been this for ten years producing one show per year, and all the proceeds from the show goes to various charities every year. So far they have raised 10 million Rupees (Indian currency) in 10 years. We decided to book because, even if the show didn't meet our expectations, the ticket money ($20 per head) was going to charity. We watched the show on saturday night, our seats where on the very first row. We would be able to see the actors emotions very closely, didn't wanna get disappointed with a bad show. But the three sold out shows told us not to get worried.

Once the show started, we were glued to our seats listening to every dialogue that was spoken, and every emotion portrayed on stage. It was like watching a movie, but better, because it was happening live, in front of our eyes, within a few feet gap.

Chidambara Ragasiyam is the title of the play. Crux of the story is, a righteous political party formed by youngsters in Tamil Nadu, strives to make their leader the next Chief Minister of the state in the upcoming election and how they are facing the hassles that come their way. The speech by the leader of the political party in the start of the play was thought provoking. Part of the story takes us back to the 10th century, showing us glimpses from the life and time period of one of the great chola kings the karikaala cholan. There was mystery throughout the show and the way they concluded it and gave the meaning to the title of the play was amazing. The costumes, the emotions depicted by the actors, the dialogue delivery, everything was beyond amazing and exceptionally portrayed. We didn't even realize that the show lasted 2.5 hours.
The stage backdrop of the palace was simply stunning. The whole audience were awestruck when the screened opened. There was comedy, there were songs and amazing dance sequences all in sync with the story line. I love watching dance shows, and loved the variety of dances that was performed. The costumes, and makeup were spot on too.

The lead actor, character name Rudran, molded into the character on stage. The way his arms would tremble when he delivers a angry dialogue showed us how much he was invested in his role. The female lead, character name Oviya, was full of emotions during the 10th century part. Her desire, happiness and then fear, she portrayed each one exceptionally well. Each and every character, even the actor who played the role of kavalali (security guard) did his part to the t. Except for one or two dialogue glitches the show was perfect. I was telling Tee that they should make this into a movie, its totally worth it, it has every element that's needed for both critical acclaim, and box office results.

When the crew was introduced at the end, we all couldn't help but give them a standing ovation. They are all remarkably talented and i wish them success in all their future endeavors. Make sure you give plays and theatre a try when you get the chance, you wont be disappointed. This play will be available in tentkotta.com if you are interested to watch it.

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P.S This is not a sponsored post. I felt like i should the share about this remarkable show on the blog and so, did.

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