Its been a week since we got back from Alaska and writing these travel diaries is a great way for me to relieve those memories. Hope you are enjoying the pictures as much as we loved taking them. On day 2, we decided to go to the Matanuska glacier on the glenn highway. Matanuska was about a 2 hours drive from where we were staying, and the drive there on the glenn highway was breathtakingly beautiful. The landscapes on every turn of the road made us stop every few miles to soak in the beauty. You see the creeks, rivers, lakes and finally the beautiful glacier.
Ready to hit the road
Melted glacier water everywhere
Granite creek
I can stay here all day
The drive
First sight of Matanuska glacier
School with a glacier view
Glacier zoomed in
Ice cream with a glacier view
Ice cream on the top of the mountains is always a good idea
Fish tacos at Sheep Mountain Lodge, so good!
Mushroom-barley soup, yum!
Doing a short hike on the mountains
Cabin in the woods
We made a booking with the mica guides to do an ice-fall trek on the glacier. The trek and the guide explaining about the little aspects on the glaciers like dirt cones, ablation, accumulation, etc., which otherwise i wouldn't have paid much attention to, was worth it. The walk on the glacier itself was quite easy with the hiking shoes, and the crampons they provide. All you need is a backpack with your essentials and sunglasses, it is extra sunny when you are on the ice.
We are ready for you, Matanuska!
Cold never bothered me anyway
Trek begins
Holding a part of the glacier
From where i stand
Ice & dirt
Exciting experience
Heading back, and that view
Front face of the glacier
And on the way back we spotted lots of moose on the sides of the road, it is moose country after all.
Will be back with day3 & more. Thanks for reading!

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