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Today i am sharing details about a not so great day of our trip, but i guess its only fair to share the bits that didn't work out on a vacation as well as the things that did. On the third day(check day 1 & day 2 here), we had some things to take care of that took all morning and had a late start to Talkeetna post lunch, it was around 2 hours drive. Weather was perfect and clear the first two days of our trip, but on third day it was all rainy and cloudy. So we had a hunch that we weren't going to see much on our flight-seeing tour that we had planned to take to go see the Mt. Mckinley(highest mountain peak in North america) in Denali National Park. Once we reached, the operator confirmed that we wont be able see the peak of Mt. Mckinley, but promised to show lot of other mountains near by that weren't covered by clouds. But we didn't wanna spend $200+ per person and not see what we wanted to see, so we didn't take the tour.

Talkeetna is a bustling place with lot to offer other than these flight-seeing tours, there are guided fishing tours(3 hours - 8 hours), atv rides on the mountains, zip line, etc. But we reached there too late during the day to do any of these. And it was the memorial day long weekend, so that did not help. So we said to ourselves, there's always a next time :)
Mini-frappuccino in S'more flavor, so good!
I don't go to StarB much, but this one might change that.
Snack time
Talkeetna river
We spent the rest of the evening walking around the quaint(not so quaint with lot of crowd that long weekend) little downtown in Talkeetna. Cute gift shops, some good food, museum, and a glimpse of Talkeetna river at the end.

And some moose action on the way back.
Plan was a bummer, so naturally we were a little upset that the day got wasted, but i guess its something you can't do much about when there is a personal emergency and the weather is not on your side while traveling.

You do have the alaskan scenery to cheer you up.

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