Hello everyone. Sorry for being MIA past couple weeks. Life changed a bit this summer, and blogging had to take a back seat, while i settled into a routine. I am taking a summer certificate course on Business at Univ. of Washington's business school. Since its a short summer course, classes have been a bit intense with back to back deadlines on assignments and projects. But i am thoroughly enjoying the course, classes, and learning a lot. Going to school here itself is an exciting new experience for me. Good teachers and friendly classmates are just an added bonus.
Zoomed-out view of Coos Bay
Okay, thats the update. Now lets get into details about today's post. For the july 4th weekend, when its was around 90 degrees here, Tee & I decided to go to the Oregon coast for the weekend, as it was much cooler there. We stayed at an airBnB(big fans of airBnB here) near a little town called Elkton. On the first day, we did dune buggy rides. This was our first time driving the buggy ourselves. Its such an adrenalin rush. So much fun and adventurous. Also tried sand-boarding for the first time.