Hello everyone. I know i have been gone for long. But there was a lot going on this month, and i just didn't feel like writing posts. I see blogging as my relaxing hobby. A space where i can just unwind and talk about something i love or find interesting at that point of time. My interests this month was completing my business course(done, happy dance). Then setting up our place for my mom who is visiting us from India (double yay!). And right now preparing for my impending job interviews. In short, there's been lot on my mind. I am saving you all from some repeated ramblings that only Tee (unfortunately) has to listen to. I was taking it all one by one, and took some time off to enjoy every phase. So forgive me if i am not updating posts here often, i still have a job to hunt for. Well, enough with my updates.

image via shopbando.com