I love bags, who doesn't? Even my grandma who is 80 still likes to have pretty purse. But i always tend to buy either small cross-body bags for shopping days & date nights or big tote bags for work, weekend outing, especially in winter season to hold my gloves, scarf, etc.

Though i always liked the look of structured satchel, I shied away from buying them. Cause i considered them to be too mature or grown up for my taste/style. And for my petite frame i had to consider the size of these bags as well. But when i saw this bag on sale at Nordstrom couple months ago, i knew i finally found the dream satchel. I love the colorful stripes, white base, and the gold hardware that doesn't *bling* too much. This bag is a perfect juxtaposition of sophistication, and fun. And who wouldn't love that combo. When T said that it will be his anniversary gift to me, all the guilt just flew away, after all its my first ever bag that costs over $50. I guess at the age of 28 i am overdue for a grownup bag in my life. Guilt free happy dance!

The bag is no longer available at Nordstrom, but i found the exact one at Amazon(only 1 left). If you are looking for a fun bag that screams summer, then don't look any further. Also listed similar styles below.

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