T and I love our post dinner cold drinks, calories take a back seat. Having a Thai restaurant few blocks from our house that serves yum Thai Iced Tea is just added bonus for us. We talk a walk after dinner, grab one Thai Iced tea to-go and share it between the both of us. After a point we started thinking about making it ourselves. Making something new in the kitchen is our favorite way of bonding. Couple weeks ago we decided to try bubble tea at home, cause T loves his bobas.

Must haves to have a real boba experience:
Thai tea
Tapioca Pearls
Extra wide straws

We followed this recipe to make the bubble tea, and used 1/3 cup boba to make 3 servings. You can get the tapioca pearls from your local asian stores. You can also get it from amazon. Also don't forget the extra wide straws to enjoy your bobas, we actually made a game out of it. The bubble tea turned out so good, we couldn't believe ourselves. Yum is the word. I have made it twice already and its a no-fail simple drink for hot summer days.

Hope you try this at home. Let me know how it goes. Thai Iced tea recipe coming up soon.

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