I am a voracious reader, its takes me a max of 3 days to finish a book usually. At the same time, i don't read regularly. I read in phases. Like right now, i am in the zone. I might stop anytime, and wont touch a book for months. But i read more in summer. Its probably because all the TV series i binge watch are on summer break, so naturally i turn to books. But i plan to continue to read, more slowly if that's what it takes to read regularly. Will update you all on how i fare. Coming to today's post, these are all the books i read in July, and here comes a short review of each. My list is a mix of old classics, feel good, thriller and a brand new book that released couple weeks ago.

Persuasion - Jane Austen
Genre: Romance | Would i recommend to others?: Yes | Why i loved it?: Its a classic period drama, my favorite.
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It took me a while to understand the writing style of Jane Austen. And once i got the hang of it, i just breezed through. I got so involved with the story, i watched two movie versions of these right after. The story has a strong female lead who is the only sensible person in her family. And like any period dramas, there are families, there is dancing, singing, parties and dinners. There are lot of mixed relationships. I just wish the author delved deeper into the main relationship a little bit more. But i liked it all the same.
Can you keep a secret? - Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Comedy | Would i recommend to others?: Yes | Why i loved it?: Made me laugh out loud
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This one's a laugh riot. I have not read a book before where i laughed out loud. But with this, you just wouldn't be able to stop yourself. So brace yourself if you are gonna be reading this in public. Although the story is predictable, the comic sense of writing and the feel good factor is worth giving this one a try. Even in the most heartbreaking moments, this book has something on the lighter side to make us laugh. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

The Girl On The Train - Paula Hawkins
Genre: Thriller | Would i recommend to others?: Yes | Why i loved it?: Kept me guessing till the end
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This one's written in multiple narrators style with unreliable narration(think Gone Girl!). It started out smoothly and got creepy and then thrilling. The writing style, switching between the characters' perspective just kept me guessing till the end about the quintessential "whoddun it?" Its a page turner and took me less than 3 days to finish it. Definitely worth your time.

Property of a Noblewoman - Danielle Steel
Genre: Family/Drama | Would i recommend to others?: No | Why i loved it?: Learned something new.
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The story had a really good start. There was a bit of mystery, and a lot of explanation on how estate courts work. That part was very interesting. But that's about it for me. Its a good read, but it just dragged too much. And frankly, i couldn't relate with the story. It started with two people who i thought were the main characters and shifted the entire focus to a 75 year old woman halfway through. Although the whole finding the family and the history was heartwarming, i somehow couldn't get myself to like the book.

The Woman in Cabin 10 - Ruth Ware
Genre: Mystery/Thriller | Would i recommend to others?: Yes & No | Why i loved it?: Interesting Twists
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I pre-ordered this one, it just got released. I was not impressed with the writing style. I just kept reading these two phrases every 5 page of the book "walls closing in on me" and "my heart running a mile a minute". And the story was not interesting either for the 2/3 rd of the book. And its the last 3rd that got interesting. There were unexpected twists and I couldn't put it down after.
Have you read any of these books? I would love to know your take on any of these. Let me know in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading. 


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