Few weeks ago, T & I took an impromptu day trip to Port Angeles. After a 2 hours drive listening to old Tamil songs, we ended up in this cute little town filled with giant wall murals everywhere. It was love at first sight. I love small towns, their quaint little cafes, boutique shops, cozy restaurants, and friendly people.
We had our lunch at "Turnip the Beet". Yelp led me to this place, and i was intrigued by their spinach wraps. I ordered a veggie spinach wrap, and it was so yum! After a quick lunch we started roaming the town. We went to a bookstore on a street corner. It had an amazing collection of both old and new books. There were also these funny fridge magnets, and quirky cards. I spent my time perusing their collection, while T busily shopped for some books. We also went to the pier nearby, and saw even more realistic wall murals (see above).
Next stop was a little cafe that had big-city style menu. Espresso options were just amazing. We had the Tiramisu, and Japanese Matcha Espresso. Both were good, but i gotta say we would do the road trip again just for that Tiramisu espresso, so good! What can i say, i can take Tiramisu in any shape or form.
After the coffee, T got so into his new book. So i used this time to check out some small boutiques in the town by myself. There were quite a few, and each one of them has a unique aesthetic about them. I bought myself a fun army green jacket for fall from one of those boutiques, and already wore it a few times.
On our way back, we went to the Purple Haze Lavender farm. We have been there once before about two years ago, you can read more about that trip here. I once again had their amazing lavender ice cream sitting amidst the fragrant lavender farm. The place was so quite and peaceful, it was the perfect end to our road trip.
Cap - Amazon(Less than $10) (similar)
Sunglass - Nordstrom ( Less than $15)
Dress - eShakti c/o (similar, similar)

You can make a relaxing day trip out to Port Angeles, or even stay the night and make it a weekend getaway. I can't wait to go back sometime next year.

Thanks for reading. xo, Hems


  1. Refreshing read! Beautiful murals!
    I think Port Angeles features in the Twilight series if my memory serves me right.

    1. Thanks, Arch!
      And yes, i totally missed that, you are right! And Bella actually goes to a bookstore in Port Angeles, maybe its the same one, ha ha ;) :P

  2. Beautiful place and pictures!


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