Happy Diwali! Hope all Indian readers had a wonderful Diwali this weekend. Sweets are big during this festive season, and I made Gulab Jamuns to celebrate. They turned out great. I decorated our house with string lights and we invited few friends over for dinner, and ended up having a poker cards party after the dinner. All in all we had an amazing time with good food and better company. 

This year, Diwali was not even on my radar until two days before the festivities. I know, what i was thinking? So there was a lot of last minute planning, but it all came together so well, i couldn't be happier. I knew i was not going to buy anything new for Diwali. I haven't bought a new outfit for Diwali for three years now. Traditional wear shopping took a back seat after moving to Seattle, and i see no point in spending money buying something grand that i wouldn't get to wear frequently. So i have made peace with it, and have been finding different ways to repurpose the items i already have in my closet. You can see what i wore for Diwali back in 2014 here.
This year, i decided to finally wear a saree. I don't prefer to wear sarees because i don't know how to tie a saree by myself. I have always had help, mostly my mom or my aunt/cousins. But I was determined to give it a try this year. I watched a video on YouTube, and decided on this drape-y crepe-type saree. This saree was a gift from my cousin and I wore this for my college farewell party back in 2009. So suffice to say its old, like more than 8 years old. But the pattern, and style still looks trendy. You know how an old item feels entirely new when you wear it after a long time, that's exactly how i felt in this saree. Since its cold here in Seattle, i didn't want to wear the saree's blouse. I also wanted to try something different, so i took this full sleeved top i had bought earlier this year which has cut-out embroidery on the sleeves and used it as a blouse. This sleeve length and design is so much in trend right now in India, i got so many compliments from friends and family. The saree tying process itself was not too hard. Once i made the pleats and pinned it, its was not so bad to drape it. I accessorized the look with drop earrings(gift from a friend), pendant chain(gift from my sis-in-law), and my air dried natural curls(god's gift ;)). My outfit for Diwali came together better than i ever could have imagined, right from my own closet.

Outfit Details
Saree, Earrings(similar), Pendant chain(similar) - Gifted
Blouse/Top - LOFT(similar)

So this is how i restyled an old saree with a trendy top into a new outfit for this Diwali. How did you celebrate Diwali?

Thanks for reading. xo, Hems.

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