Happy Thanksgiving! We don't celebrate thanksgiving, but i just love how on this day everyone comes together as a family, and the day is filled with gratitude. On such a day, its hard not to join in and be thankful.

This year i am thankful for a lot of things, some of them are (in no particular order)

My happy and healthy married life with T
Our physical health and our parents' health
Our house that we bought earlier this year
Fact that i am going home to India to my family in a few days
My job
All my adorable nieces(cant wait to meet the littlest one next week, and no, no nephew yet)
My Plants
Composting properly, and reducing garbage/waste.
Vacation in Hawaii

I have been shopping and packing for our India trip for few weeks now. So my blogging schedule has been a little off lately, forgive me. We leave tomorrow, and i am so excited to be with my family after almost two years. Remember this photo diary post from my last visit?

I will see you all soon from the other side. Thanks for reading. xo, Hems

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