Happy Pongal to everyone celebrating this Uzhavar thirunaal. Just like Diwali, Pongal festivities also creeped up on me out of nowhere. But we celebrated it all the same, in our own usual style of dressing up and cooking good food sort of way. Hope you all had a fun time with your loved ones as well. T made ven pongal this morning for breakfast, which is his specialty. And i made millet sweet pongal, which turned out good too. I got the millets from India last month, so i am happy to be already making use of it.

I wore a simple cotton kurta i bought on my India visit. Its from Westside in Chennai. I love the color combination, and the subtle gold details on it, takes this kurta from casual to festive. 

Don't assume that it was sunny and warm outside, it was freezing cold. My fingers are almost frozen solid here. The things i do in the name of blogging, ha ha!

And here's snapshot of the millet pongal i made :)

As a late farmer's granddaughter, and another farmer's daughter-in-law, heart is heavy this year because of the heavy drought in Tamil Nadu without rain fall. Spending last month in India, we experienced first hand, everybody's plight with the state of the crops without sufficient rain and water. Future looks grim for them. There can be no cultivation, if this continues. And all this is not the result of something happening somewhere else, no. Its all because of our lifestyle. Using up resources, polluting the lands, and not thinking about its consequences. To each and everyone in India who is reading this, I request to think about this and do whats necessary. Plant trees, and reduce the use of vehicles unnecessarily. Take the bus, or go in groups in cars. Avoid using plastic bags, and use reusable bags like big shoppers, or even cloth bags. Reuse, and recycle. Lets hope for the best in the coming months. 

With hope and prayers, Hems.

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