Few weekends ago T and I went to U-Village to meet our friends. The boys wanted to play tennis(the reason why we met up), so us ladies stayed back in the U-Village to roam around and do some window shopping. We went to Jonathan Adler's store and were drooling over all his amazing designs that are way out of both our budgets. And then my friend asked if i wanted to go try the "Paint the town" where you paint your own ceramics. If you know me, then you would know what my answer was. Always up for trying something new. So off we went to the Paint The Town studio.
That plain white spoon rest i what i chose.

Its a cute little studio right there in U-Village. The concept of the studio is pretty simple and so fun. You first select the ceramic you want to paint. There are so many options like vases, bowls, mugs, animal figurines, plates, photo frames, etc. All just plain wait waiting for your creative work.
Then you go pick out your colors. There are all kinds of colors, different brushes, and lots of stencil & stamps are also available. There is also a nice template for each color showing how the color would be with one coat, two coats, and three coats. There are also associates available to help with your questions.
My friend chose a photo frame and a Seattle skyline stencil
Once you selected your ceramics, colors and tools. Then you go sit in one the tables and start painting. My friend chose a photo frame which she was going to give as a b'day present to her hubs. How sweet! I chose a spoon rest, its been a ordeal trying to find a place to put the ladles while cooking. Hopefully i will have a dedicated place for it after buying this. I chose another one as well, a plant tag for the tomato plant that we are gonna plant soon in our yard, just like we did last summer. So excited!
Final product. I did a plant tag as well.

As you can see, my friend did a much better job than i did. They even shared it on their facebook page :)

We painted for about one and half hours. Finally we paid for our ceramics. The all inclusive price is mentioned right when you pick out your ceramics from shelves. They glaze/burn the ceramic, and you can collect your piece after 7 days back at the studio. We both had the best time painting our designs, and chit chatting at the same time. Its a fun little activity to do. There were kids with their families, a bride-to-be with her bridesmaids, and girls with their friends. They also offer discounts on weekdays, and specials on certain days, just check their website or call them up for details.
I wanted a watercolor effect so i was doing freehand painting, so glad it worked :) Love how the pink color i chose turned out after the glaze.

Cant wait for the summer to make use of this beauty.

This was a much needed item in the kitchen for a long time. Finally i made my own artistic one :)

I later found out from my colleague that there is a similar studio(not Paint The Town, this is a different one) in Renton also. If your city has one, then you should try it out! Let me know if you have already tried similar activities, what are your thoughts? I had fun, and i would love to go back again sometime.

Thanks for reading. xo, Hems.

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  1. It's definitely an awesome place! Best thing is it is suitable for all ages. Lots of fun. A must try :)


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