Happy Spring to all of you living on this side of the equator. I am all onboard for the sunnier mornings that light up our bedroom, and the fact that its light out when i get off work in the evening. I have been going on walking mixed with some jogging these couple days. It feels so good to be outside. And i saw a tree in full bloom today. I am happier, my mood is cheerful. I am already making plans to go the Quad in UW, and revisit the places on my first Spring in Seattle post. Ah, i am loving all of it.
Photo by Brittany Wood from WhoWhatWear
With new season comes change in the wardrobe. Although Seattle is not warm enough to go without jackets yet(or it could be just me), i am trying to let go off my boots slowly. Start small people. Whats the best way to stop wearing boots, yes, order new shoes that are too cute to pass up on in the mornings :) One of the trends that i cant wait to try is flat Mules. I love them with the bow details, and it just looks trendy and polished at the same time. People seem to find it practical(easy to just slide in) and functional as well. Its also ideal for Spring because your toes are still covered and its just the back of your feet that exposed. I just ordered a pair. Will do a short review on Instagram once i try them on, so excited! Meanwhile here's some of the affordable pairs i like in this style thats all under $50. The one i got is little over $50 so its didn't make this list. But it will be up on my "Shop My Instagram" page soon, if you are interested :)

What do you think of this shoe trend? Let me know in the comments below.

And have you watched the new Beauty and the Beast movie yet? I couldn't wait for the movie to release so much so that couple weeks ago, i dragged T to the movies nearby thinking it had already released. The guy at the ticket counter was like "Its not released yet". Yup, that happened. Anyways, I am going this weekend with my girlfriends. I am beyond thrilled. Also i just found out that one of the corset that Belle(Emma Watson) is wearing in this movie was hand embroidered by two brothers in Gujarat, India (see here). Love it!

Thanks for reading. xo, Hems

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  1. It took a while for me to warm up to them, but I am loving the mule trend as well. :]

    // itsCarmen.com


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