When we were in India for 5 weeks in the end of 2016, our days were fully spent visiting relatives, and friends. Although all the homemade exotic indian food were amazing, we were getting a bit exhausted by the 4th week. So when we had couple of days to spare, we decided to go to a hill-station nearby.
This was my first time visiting Kothagiri. So i was pretty excited. We stayed at our relative's vacation house in a private resort. Now here's a fun tidbit, we came to know later that the house opposite to where we were staying was actually owned by none other than actor Rajnikanth(say what??!!!). I know, i know. I was jumping with excitement like any Tamilian would, but we had already left the resort. And it was not like we were gonna barge in on the neighbors anyway. But it was a fun little part of our trip. Now lets get back to the relatively less exciting part of the vacation.
Photo taken from the driveway of the star's house, he he ;)

View from the resort

Tea plantation everywhere

Bison spotting in the morning near the tennis court

Sunset on the go

We were there for a couple of days. The resort provided us food, so all we had to do was just relax and have fun. We played some shuttle/badminton, hiked to the Catherine falls, took long afternoon naps, drove to the Kodanadu view point, visited a tea factory, and brought home some amazing loose tea. It was a relaxing weekend getaway that was much needed.

Coming to the fashion part of the post. Weather was cold enough to wear a sweater, and i utilized this opportunity to wear the sweaters i packed from Seattle on this trip, finally! A short break from all the colorful cotton kurtas and chudithars i was wearing.

On day one i wore a graphic sweater i ordered from Koovs which says "Hug" in a cursive calligraphy style writing. A fun but a subtle twist to your everyday black sweater. On second day i wore my fav BR sweater from two years ago(last seen here and here).

I had the best time in Kothagiri, and its a must visit if you live in the area! I say this because, many people visit the bigger and more popular Ooty but not here. Kothagiri is unaltered, and simply beautiful. Take the road less taken, its always more interesting.

I have new "Shop" page on the blog, you can find details or similar styles of my outfits there :)

Thanks for reading. xo, Hems.

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