Reminiscing about my childhood, growing up in my hometown is not something i consciously do or think about often. But recently certain discussions or random things have been reminding me of some of my favorite memories growing up. Thought i would share those here, and maybe kindle some of your childhood memories as well.

Few days ago T and I were discussing about how nowadays kids have access to a lot of food items on a daily basis, which were more of a luxury for him and I when we were kids. One such food item was ice cream. Nowadays, everyone keeps a tub or box of ice-cream in the freezer all the time, including us. Its mostly Talenti Gelato in our case. But growing up, ice cream was something that we had only on special occasions, when there is a festival, when we are entertaining big group of friends or family. When i was talking about this to T, who had similar upbringing, suddenly I remembered, how my dad would buy Arun ice cream balls every time we have a big non-veg lunch on weekends with our extended family. Do you remember those white balls with blue caps? It was my favorite, and one ball was never enough for me. And the best part, once you are done with eating, you can wash it and use to play ball. We use to play catch, cricket, and all sorts of games. Oh, fun times those were. Its one of my fond memories of my childhood that i have never really thought of before. So it was quite a good feeling when it all came rushing back to my mind :)