Now that I(with the help of my parents of course) have been taking care of a tiny human for the past 3 weeks, i have realized that being pregnant is the easiest part of parenthood. So all those expecting mama-to-bes, enjoy this phase to the fullest. I absolutely LOVED being pregnant, even though there were lots of unexpected things i got to experience for the first time in my life because of that. I loved that strangers congratulated me everywhere i went. Loved that i got pampered by my husband and family members. Loved that we got to celebrate our baby girl with friends & family at my baby shower(first real big party we have had together since getting married), thanks to my lovely friends.  I am especially glad that i never fell sick(2 months in India without catching a cold is a new record for me honestly), and that i was energetic & healthy throughout my pregnancy to go out to enjoy all the things i usually do.