Now that I(with the help of my parents of course) have been taking care of a tiny human for the past 3 weeks, i have realized that being pregnant is the easiest part of parenthood. So all those expecting mama-to-bes, enjoy this phase to the fullest. I absolutely LOVED being pregnant, even though there were lots of unexpected things i got to experience for the first time in my life because of that. I loved that strangers congratulated me everywhere i went. Loved that i got pampered by my husband and family members. Loved that we got to celebrate our baby girl with friends & family at my baby shower(first real big party we have had together since getting married), thanks to my lovely friends.  I am especially glad that i never fell sick(2 months in India without catching a cold is a new record for me honestly), and that i was energetic & healthy throughout my pregnancy to go out to enjoy all the things i usually do.

I was out and about most of my pregnancy. As mentioned earlier, I somehow squeezed in a 2 month trip to India to be with my parents and family in my 2nd trimester, and it was the best decision i ever made. Super long summer days in the last trimester just gave me a boost to venture out more instead of nesting at home. We went out on almost all weekends, even on the last weekend before i gave birth to our baby girl. I also worked till i was 38 weeks pregnant, going to office most days of the week. So i couldn't be in comfy pajamas and nighties like i wanted to for most of my pregnancy and had to dress up. As a style enthusiast it was only natural for me to shop for some good outfits for this new phase of my life. I was regularly sharing my OOTD #bumpstyle on my instagram @agoldentulip, but thought i will compile and put it all in one place so that its easier for someone looking for outfit ideas(i already had people asking for resources on Instagram hence this post). Here are some of the maternity clothes i loved and where i bought them.


I found my favorite maternity dress at Target. I wore it for my 30th birthday brunch with some of my girlfriends(OOTD photo below), and quite a few other times for work and weekly outings. I bought a tank top and summery cotton top from there as well(photos below). Target doesn't carry petite maternity clothes but the fit of their regular sized ones are not so bad as you can see from the pictures below.

Target Dress
Target Tank Top 
Target Top


This is where you go for buying dresses at reasonable prices. I found the dress i wore for my baby shower at Amazon for $30(seen below) and it fit me perfectly. There are quite a bit of maternity dress collection on the site and all are reasonable around the same price range. I bought another green color dress as well which was comfy to wear and fit was great as well.

White lace dress (other colors available)


Uniqlo is where you go when you want maternity jeans that don't break the bank. They also do free height alteration which was a major plus for me. I also bought a non maternity jumpsuit(in larger size to fit the bump) from there which i hope to alter and wear it next summer.

Uniqlo jumpsuit


Loft carries petite maternity clothes but only online, and not in store. They are bit pricey, but look for their sale or free shipping promotions and order then. I bought a pant and couple of t-shirts from there during a sale. The pants were comfy and kinda perfect for work days. All items are available in regular sizes as well.

Loft petite maternity pants (regular sizes on extra 40% off sale now)

The Bee & The Fox

Find cute printed t shirts(like seen below) here. They also carry cute onesies for your tiny humans, that you can match with yours.


ASOS is another great place to find maternity wear that are not a drab. You can find clothes for any occasion there, be it a wedding, baby shower, work or just casual days. Lot of options. Prices vary from reasonable to very pricey. So there is something for everyone's budget. I am planning to order few nursing tops from there for fall.

Custom Made

When i was in India for couple months I had couple of dresses and salwar kameez stitched at a local tailor's. I asked the tailor to make the dress a little loose around my tummy(i didn't have a huge bump then so we had to take a guess), and it worked out well.

Non Maternity

Throughout my pregnancy i also wore lots of already existing and new non maternity clothes. I bought few kurtas from my hometown that were one size larger and wore it till the end of pregnancy. I also wore few of my old dresses, tops and pants that were loose fitting well into third trimester. The key to being comfortable in non-maternity pants is to find ones with wide elastic bands at the waist(think yoga pants style). Here are some of the outfits i put together using non maternity items from my closet. As you can see i shopped less maternity styles, and reused existing items mostly.
ASOS Top, Old Leggings

LOFT Sweater, Pants from Brocade in Coimbatore

LOFT Top, ASOS jacket, $5 Pants from Marshalls

Dress from PSR in India

Forever 21 dress

New kurta bought in India in a larger size, Cardigan from Norstrom

Sweater from Nordstrom Rack, Culottes from Target

Same kurta from above, restyled with an old colorful scarf.

New kurta bought in larger size.

Old top and pants are from a chudi set.

Old dress

Old top

I hope this was helpful to some of you. Hearty congrats to all mama-to-bes reading this post. Here's wishing you a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery.

Thats all folks. Follow my Instagram account for more outfit posts and random life updates. I am more active on Instagram than i am on the blog here or Facebook.

Take care. XO, Hems.

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